Video presentation on PR and the blogosphere

Emerce eDay presentations

In mid October, I participated in a session at the Emerce eDay conference in Amsterdam entitled Public Relations in the Blogosphere.

The session comprised two presentations followed by a panel discussion. The two presentations were made by Scott Rafer and I, and were video recorded.

That video is now online and you can view it via Google Video. In total, it’s just over 35 minutes and you can watch Scott and I separately presenting on this topic. We both talked about different subject matter but all to do with the primary theme – PR in the blogosphere:

The conference organizers have made a PDF version of my presentation PowerPoint available so you can download it if you want to follow the slides along with the video.

3 thoughts on “Video presentation on PR and the blogosphere

  1. Neville Hobson (Nevon) on video

    Leuk toch weer. Zit ik een beetje te e-mailen met Marco Derksen (Upstream | Marketingfacts | word ik door hem gewezen op zijn posting waarin ie mij opvoert. Nu blijkt een videoregistratie die ik tijdens Emerce eDay heb gemaakt en die ik…

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