Podcast interview with Forbes

An interesting follow-up to the Forbes shallow journalism story (my unrepentant description) yesterday which described how the magazine portrayed blogs and bloggers as the source of all evil.

In a comment yesterday to Steve Rubel’s critical post, podcaster John Furrier says he’s interviewing Forbes’ proprietor Steve Forbes about the benefits of social media:

On Monday I will be posting a podcast on PodTech.net with Forbes president Steve Forbes where Steve talks about the benefits of social media (blogging and podcasting). It will be interesting to see how the writer response when his boss basically says the opposite of his story. Look for the podcast on Monday morning.

Interesting indeed. I’m sure this story will continue to build.

[Update 31-Oct] John’s 25-minute podcast interview is up. You’ll be disappointed, though, if you expect to hear any specific commentary or discussion about the Forbes article for there is none. The interview is primarily related to topics in Steve Forbes’ book "The Flat Tax Revolution." You can also read a complete transcript of the interview.

2 thoughts on “Podcast interview with Forbes

  1. Nev: I interviewed Steve last Friday before the story ran. Althought he talks about the flat tax he does go into detail on his philosophy of technology and blogging. He is pro-blogging. He even suggests how it has changed the economics of other countries.
    I put a call into his office last Friday and have not heard back from him or his staff.

  2. Thanks, John. Yes, you highlighted those points in your post. I agree with you – those are strong impressions I have from hearing what he says.
    I enjoyed listening to a very good interview, and congrats on getting the scoop of the first such interview with Steve Forbes!

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