IABC conference blog launched

Today The Plenary Panel Weblog launched.

This new blog is designed to be a place for commentary and discussion about the theme of the panel discussion that will kick off the first day, 1 December, of the IABC EuroComm 2005 conference taking place in Paris from 30 November to 2 December.

The theme for the panel discussion is “The giant global focus group: Opportunities and challenges for communicators” and the panel itself comprises some leading thinkers on participatory communication:

From the introductory post I wrote on the blog yesterday:

The Plenary Panel Weblog is a place that we hope will serve as a meeting place, a corner on the world wide web, that will enable us to expand some thinking about our EuroComm session.

At the same time, it will enable you to ask questions, challenge our thinking and offer your own contributions to the debate and discussion that will take place in Paris in December.

In sum, we would like to create some stimulating conversations here.

Whether you’re planning to attend the conference next month, or if you just have a point of view, please drop in for a chat!

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2 thoughts on “IABC conference blog launched

  1. Neville: I like this idea. I’ve been to a lot of panel discussions that never really figured out what they were trying to accomplish. Any discussion that can take place in advance to identify audience interest and maybe give the panelists a sense of where to focus their discussion will probably lead to a more interesting event.
    I say “probably” because I don’t want to suggest this is a panacea for disinterested or rogue panel members who don’t seem interested in having a memorable discussion.
    Given your panelists, I don’t think that will be a problem. Good luck.

  2. Not only focus the discussion, Eric, but contribute to it and maybe help shape it. I hope we get a head of informal steam going in the panel blog that adds to the formal event in Paris.
    And I agree with you re the panel – a terrific group!

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