The alliance is dead… Long live the alliance

While the metaphorical headline to this post might seem a little melodramatic, it’s actually quite apt as it sums up how I see the future following the decision by Guillaume du Gardier, Elizabeth Albrycht and me to dissolve Blogging Planet, the informal alliance we formed together last March.

With Guillaume being snapped up by Edelman to head their brand new online communications practice in Europe; Elizabeth’s leadership role in the Society for New Communications Research, a new non-profit think tank launched yesterday (press release); and my strong focus on developing my own business and advocacy activities, we realized that Blogging Planet wasn’t going to be able to light the fires in the long term that we’d anticipated when we set out on this journey together.

Especially because of such a tremendous opportunity for Guillaume, things change and evolve and you have to move with the times and shape your own events. (And thinking about Guillaume and Edelman, that’s a PR firm to really watch – take a look at their recent acquisitions in Europe, for example.)

Alliances and other relationships come and go and new ones take shape, formal and informal. In my experience, alliances have many forms including the trusted relationships you have with your clients (if you’re a consultant) and with your customers (if you’re a business).

So while Blogging Planet is officially no more, there are very bright lights on the horizon for everyone.

For my part and first and foremost, I will be able to devote more time to strengthening my relationships with my existing clients and seek out new ones.

I will also be actively involved with the Society for New Communications Research I mentioned earlier. In this regard, I will continue to be in alliance with Elizabeth.

I also want to spend more time on further developing the For Immediate Release podcast series (yes, it’s a series now) that I co-present with Shel Holtz (another alliance). Plus the kind of stimulating international communication work I’m doing with Fredrik Wacka (yet another alliance). I will also continue with my speaking engagements around Europe, some of which are pro bono volunteerism commitments.

Long live the alliance.

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