Making everything easy

Little or no blogging until the weekend as I’ll be in London. Later today, I’ll be at the BBC participating in a panel discussion "Join the Virtual Revolution" (link to PDF), organized by the British Association of Communicators in Business and IABC UK Chapter. About 80 people signed up for the session, I gather, so it looks as though it will be a stimulating event. Prior to that, we’re running a similar session for some 50 or so BBC employees.

So normal service in this blog will resume in a few days. In the meantime, might I suggest you listen to show #82, the latest edition, of For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report which we produced late last night, a day earlier than usual. Some topics you might find of interest include some commentary about Steve Rubel and the skin cancer blog; Shel’s and my thoughts on the current wave of anti-blog sentiment out there in some quarters, especially certain mainstream media; and some eye-openers from Allan Jenkins re Bacon’s and Amy Gahran re Panasonic. Much more, too. I’ve not had time to do full show notes but the post does have a content summary for now.

And finally, did you know that today is World Usability Day?

Here’s what it’s about:

  • On 3 November 2005, people in more than 80 locations and 30 countries around the world will celebrate World Usability Day. The theme is "Making It Easy!"
  • Every citizen and customer has a right to expect products and services that are easy to use. World Usability Day events will highlight how this can be achieved.
  • From cell phones, to call centers, to customer service websites and more, there are countless opportunities to "Make It Easier to Use."
  • World Usability Day is an initiative of the Usability Professionals’ Association.

Get on that Cluetrain!