Bare bones show notes continue, sorry

Regular listeners to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report might be wondering what’s happened with the show lately, what with the lack of detailed show notes and some erratic timing in posting the show MP3 files.

Such things are down to me at the moment, sorry to say. With Shel on holiday in Hawaii, I’m also doing the recording and production – not the part of our roles that I’m the best at. I’ve only just completed producing yesterday’s show following some unexpected glitches and disasters in post-production (I don’t want to recount all that again here!).

Show notes is the big issue right now, though. Currently we have three shows in succession without the customary detailed show notes, ie, a post with time stamps indicating when discussion on a particular topic or theme begins thus making it pretty easy to go straight to the bits that interest you.

Time (lack of) is the thing and I really don’t know how we’re going to solve this little problem. For an average show of 70 minutes, it takes a good two to three hours to do those notes as it involves listening to a complete show in order to capture each start/end point, get the links, write that up, etc. The bare-bones ones take about 15 minutes.

Maybe we just do the bare-bones notes which contain a content summary so at least you roughly know what to expect with each show. As I’m traveling for the next few days (and so little or no blogging until the end of the week), I can’t see getting up-to-date with them anytime soon. Or maybe we transfer everything from the podcast blog to the links wiki so that anyone can contribute to the content not just add links.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

One thought on “Bare bones show notes continue, sorry

  1. I’m sure you guys will return to detailed show notes as soon as you can.
    And it’s important that you do so.
    You’ve opted for a longish podcast — 60 to 80 minutes, twice a week. Since I have just about 4 hours a week available to podcasts — working out, or 20-minute subway rides to a meeting — I really need to know the content of an hour+ podcast before I’ll pull it down.
    If you can’t provide start/stop points and links (and, frankly, I’ve always thought you guys provided extraordinary service there), just give us a rough list of topics, issues, and names. We can Google them… or you can give links for those we can’t.
    Believe me… those show notes are important if I am to refer you to other people.
    All the best, Allan

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