PubSub ranks PR bloggers

If you want to find information on the popularity (sometimes equal to influence but not always) of PR bloggers, you already have quite a few choices such as Technorati Blog Finder: PR and Blogpulse Profiles.

There’s now another choice – The PR List, part of PubSub’s new Community Lists. Managed by Constantin Basturea, the list categorizes PR blogs based on daily PubSub LinkRanks scores.

In explaining how it all works, Constantin says:

I’m not sure, though, that I’d place too much reliance on such a list as a valid indicator of a blog’s popularity or influence. How do you measure the accuracy of something that produces completely different results compared to other tools like Technorati’s that I mentioned above (and that one is based in large part on how bloggers have listed themselves)? Different ways of measuring add to the confusion and lack of fuller confidence in these offerings.

Then you have the tongue-in-cheek blog valuation metric which you should take with a large pinch of salt (although I couldn’t resist trying it – it shows my blog is currently worth $184,040.04).

Still, The PR List is a useful tool. I like the easy visual way it indicates a particular blog’s up-or-down trend using little green and red arrows. So if you want to get a snapshot view of PR blogs’ movements on a daily basis, this might be a good way to do it.

Check out the other Community Lists on law, fashion and librarian blogs. PubSub is looking for more editors to create more lists.

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    Using the PubSub ranking tool, Constantin Basturea has set up criteria to gauge the current popularity/influence of public relations blogs. It’s by no means a precise instrument, but it’s fun to visit, and might encourage you to check out some sites th…

  2. Thanks for aggregating these, I think.
    If nothing else, a quick search on my blog at these sites keeps my blog ego “blego” FIRMLY in check. 🙂

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