Les Blogs 2.0 geared up

Les Blogs 2.0

Just under three weeks to go until Les Blogs 2.0 in Paris – and the event is certainly shaping up into what will likely be the most significant meeting of its type in Europe in 2005.

There are some impressive speakers and participants who will be there.

If you’re interested in being part of discussions on how social media like blogs, RSS, podcasts and more are developing and what their impacts will be on organizations and people, Paris on 5-6 December is the place to be. I’ll be there, moderating a discussion panel on Podcasting, Photo & Video Blogging.

Shel and I are also planning a special For Immediate Release podcast from the event. More on that soon.

You can sign up here and join the 236 (so far) participants and speakers who have already signed up. And here’s an easy way to connect with many of these folks before the event – Stuart Mudie is offering a file containing his RSS feed file of many of the participants’ feeds. Nice one, Stuart (an OPML version would be even nicer, though…).

In case you might be wondering whether visiting Paris is safe to do at the moment, be assured it is safe.

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3 thoughts on “Les Blogs 2.0 geared up

  1. I’m going to risk making a fool of myself in public by talking about a technology that I only vaguely understand …
    I read my RSS feeds in Bloglines, and I exported the relevant feeds by following Bloglines’ instructions to “export your subscriptions in OPML” format. Right at the top of the file I can even see a reference to ‘opml version=”1.0″‘ – am I missing something when you say that “an OPML version would be even nicer”?
    In any case, see you in Paris 🙂

  2. This will be a case of the blind leading the blind, Stuart…
    The file you did has an XML extension. If I open it in my OPML editor (the buggy but still good OPML Editor from Dave Winer), all it shows is loads of little icons and no text. If I just double-click the file in Windows, it opens it up in the ‘XML Editor’ which on my PC defaults to Internet Explorer.
    My RSS reader is FeedDemon. When I first try to import it as an OPML file (which FD can do), it doesn’t because it can’t see the file as it looks for a file with an OPML extension. So I have to manually choose this file. What I actually did was rename the file and give it an OPML extension. That worked for FD.
    Too many hurdles, though.
    No matter. My post wasn’t a criticism by any means! It’s good of you to create the file, so thanks for doing that.

  3. Don’t worry, I wasn’t offended – just curious.
    I’ve updated my .zip with a copy of the .xml file for which I’ve changed the extension to .opml, plus a readme pointing to this post for an explanation of why there are two versions of the file.

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