‘Blog Marketing’ is out now

A big package arrived in the post today from McGraw-Hill – a copy of Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright.

I’ve talked to Jeremy quite a bit about his book during his preparation of it, and we discussed the book during the For Immediate Release podcast interview I did with Jeremy in August. So I sort of knew what to expect.

But seeing the book in the flesh, so to speak, is a wholly different matter. Looks good, feels good and probably tastes good as well 😉

Nice solid hardback, 336 pages and out now.

I will be starting to read it in the next couple of days. Perfect reading material, in fact, for hotel nights during my road trips later this week and next week. And, an FIR podcast review to follow once I’m done reading.

Related : Shel and I will be reviewing Naked Conversations this week for FIR, so look out for that one.

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