NevOn joins Corante Network

I am delighted to report that NevOn – this blog – is a participant in the Corante Marketing Hub, part of the new Corante Network that launched today:

With the launch and development of the Corante Network, Corante has partnered with scores of the blogosphere’s most respected thinkers and writers in specific categories to bring you cutting edge coverage and commentary that will help you stay ahead of the curve, gain valuable insights, and save time. In addition, you’ll find various tools and features on the Hub designed to help you find related and relevant editorial.

At launch, the Corante Marketing Hub comprises 20 business bloggers who contribute to a rich offering:

[…] you’ll find a mixture of human and machine-driven editorial offerings that aggregate, distill, synthesize, and remix the best writing and thinking from across the Corante Network and beyond. The goal of the hubs: to marry human intelligence and editorial voice with useful technologies to become a trusted and useful tool – one that helps you find and sift through what’s worth reading, one that provides valuable context and perspective on the critical issues impacting your industry and interests, and one that engages in and extends the conversations that make social media such a rich and enlightening experience.

I’m very proud and honoured to be part of this group.

Founded in 2000, Corante is the world’s first blog media company, a leader in the emerging social media market, and is helping to pioneer the emergence of blogging as an important and influential form of reportage, analysis and commentary.

Corante’s contributors include many of the most respected and closely-read experts and thought leaders, and Corante’s readers, who number more than 300,000, aren’t just casual observers – they’re the entrepreneurs, executives, financiers, influencers and other individuals on the cutting edge.

5 thoughts on “NevOn joins Corante Network

  1. Neville, congratulations to you — and Shel — on joining the Corante Marketing Hub!
    My first impressions on : It’s not entirely clear where I’ll find your individual postings. I do work out, eventually, that your posts will be added to the “raw” merged feed and see your latest post when I scroll well down the page, but what about making this a little clearer on the site?
    Also, are the posts from editor Renee Hopkins Callahan meant to highlight the posts from all of the other contributors to the Hub, or do they follow a more independent path?
    Again, kudos to you on this well-deserved honor. I look forward to visiting the Hub often – it will undoubtedly be an important resource for those of us in the New Media Revolution!

  2. Thanks, Bryan, I appreciate your comments.
    Good points re finding specific posts. I think the hub is still rolling out, so to speak, so perhaps it will get a bit more intuitive 😉

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