The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #89: November 28, 2005

Content summary: AOL Journals update, a cheat sheet lets customers circumvent your IVR system, an ex-Googler starts a blog, replacing press releases with blogs, the future of newspapers, Steve Rubel’s high-level discussion on TheNewPR, an open-source marketing example, listener comments, and more.

Show notes for November 28, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 61-minute podcast recorded live from Concord, California, USA.

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In this Edition:


  • 00:29 Shel introduces the show
  • 02:15 What the show is about
  • 02:37 Where to send comments
  • 03:20 Shel received his copy of "Blog Marketing" from Jeremy Wright.
  • 03:56 We now have 66 listeners on our Frappr map
  • 06:03 Our 100th show is coming up; send us a new opener!
  • 07:00 The future of PR and required skills for PR professionals will be the focus of Thursday’s show

Listeners’ comments discussion:


  • 20:47 An update to the AOL Journals story
  • 27:16 A few items that fall under the notion that transparency is critical in today’s environment
  • 27:40 First, Paul English has created an IVR Cheat Sheet
  • 30:42 Second, a former Google executive has created a blog for former Google employers called Xooglers
  • 33:18 Shel revisits the press release vs. blogs discussion with a note on General Motors
  • 35:26 Jim Sinkinson gives us a shoutout
  • 35:31 Shel idents the show


  • 35:43 The future of newspapers
  • 45:55 Going the Distance, a new initiative from Steve Rubel
  • 52:25 Shel plays a commercial that’s an example of open-source marketing


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So, until Thursday, December 1…

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