IABC Europe conference kicks off

Arrived in Paris late last night, ready to participate in the IABC Eurocomm conference which formally kicks off today and runs through tomorrow.

I’m moderating the opening session discussion panel on the giant global focus group. No prizes for guessing what this is about at a conference full of communicators!

So, my fellow conversationalists – Elizabeth Albrycht, Loic Le Meur and Niall Cook – and I are ready to go. There will be posts to The Plenary Panel Weblog, the conference blog we started at the beginning of November.

More tomorrow after I get back to Amsterdam.

One thought on “IABC Europe conference kicks off

  1. The end of our conversation – or just the start?

    Well, as quickly as it kicked off, our brief conversation is now over. Or is it just the beginning? My sense is the latter. I’m sticking around for the rest of the conference, because we were only able to scratch

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