The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #92: December 8, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ audio and email comments (a proto-vlog in Australia; the future of newspapers; IBM’s podcasting guidelines; what’s the best tool for starting an electronic conversation?; PR and propaganda; offending employees with guidelines for personal presentation; how HR can use blogs; more on the future of PR to add to show #91); Wikipedia dust-ups; reflections on Les Blogs 2.0 conference and the notion of blogger civility; European publishers attack Google; upcoming FIR interview; the music.

Show notes for December 8, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 92-minute conversation recorded live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and almost live from Washington, DC, USA.

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In this Edition:


  • 00:28 Neville introduces the show; Shel‘s travellling and Neville’s back at base
  • 01:40 What the show’s about; how to contribute your comments

Listeners’ Comments Discussion:

  • 03:57 Peter Chen with an example of a proto-vlog in Australia
  • 05:28 Sallie Goetsch finds it hard keeping up with FIR’s ‘phenomenal output’; on names and spelling; working on the present state of PR, never mind what the future looks like; the future of newspapers
  • 09:01 Ron Shewchuk follows up with additional comment to the future of PR discussion in show #91
  • 11:35 Mike Strock asks if we’re aware of IBM’s podcasting guidelines
  • 13:02 Luke Armour enjoys FIR and asks what’s best for starting an ‘electronic discussion’ – a blog, wiki or something else?
  • 18:51 Howard Harawitz asks what’s the difference between PR and propaganda with a story on US government use of PR to support the war in Iraq
  • 23:22 Les Posen recounts the story the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s guidelines for personal presentation which offended many employees
  • 28:09 Andrew Marritt suggests a good approach for how HR can use internal blogs
  • 31:36 Rob Safuto adds some thoughts to the discussion in show #91 on the future of PR re skills communicators will need
  • 35:49 Mike Soulier thinks podcasting is great; he’s interested in PR even though he’s not in PR; and some opinions on Lookout! and Internet Exploder 😉
  • 41:02 David Jones says show #91 was fantastic, summarizes one of that show’s sentiments – let’s not fall in love witb the tools – and comments on how he sees the future of PR and skills develoment in PR
  • 45:35 Trackbacks to show #91’s post, from Eric Eggertson and Kami Watson Huyse

News and Features:


  • 82:44 Neville wraps the show; upcoming interview on Tuesday December 13 with Rick Klau, VP Business Development, FeedBurner
  • 83:44 Both of us live on next Monday’s show; how and where to send your comments; only two weeks until Christmas; where to find the show notes
  • 86:17 Outro podsafe music via PodcastNYCForward Motion by Jamie Leonhart

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So, until Monday December 12…

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