The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #94: December 15, 2005

Content summary: Personal video uploads at the new ‘Flickr for video’; self-destruct SMS messaging; the Structured Blogging Initiative; are Nielsen TV ratings headed for extinction?; Wikipdia gets high ratings for accuracy of science entries; listeners’ comments discussion (PR and propaganda; show format and length; Nokia N90 blog relations campaign; emotional links; working with IT departments; blog fear of visibility); a meeting of communicators and discovering new media; Syndicate conference; Eric Schwartzman’s interview extract with Marcus Chan, San Francisco Chronicle; the music.

Show notes for December 15, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 68-minute conversation recorded live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Concord, California, USA.

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In this Edition:


  • 00:25 Neville introduces the show; what the show’s about; how to contribute your comments

News Briefs:

Listeners’ Comments Discussion:

  • 19:31 Howard Harawitz with more on PR and propaganda and asks what professional associations should be saying on ths issue
  • 22:13 Gershon Schwartz offers some politically-flavoured thoughts on PR and propaganda, and adds that he enjoys FIR
  • 25:44 Henry Abbott likes the show and supports our plan to keep it to an hour (!); some advice on radio presenting techniques; Urchin reports on inbound links
  • 27:05 Jeff Clavier on the show’s format change: "About time :)"
  • 28:13 Brad Bellaver listened to the FIR interview with Sedgwick CMS, thinks an internal podcast was great for them, and asks: What has to happen to allow podcasting to be something communicators can really use as an internal and external  communication tool?
  • 33:12 Andy Abramson on the Nokia N90 blog relations campaign (FIR interview with Andy coming up on Wednesday December 21.)
  • 36:16 David Phillips on the emotional links between iPods, cell phones and people
  • 38:29 Sallie Goetsch recounts her good experiences in working with IT departments
  • 42:01 Heather Hamilton on the fear of making oneself 100% visible when starting blogging
  • 44:21 A shoutout from Mike Manuel



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So, until Monday December 19…

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