Life is not a box of chocolates

So you’re a customer, you’re seriously angry and you have a blog. No prizes for guessing what you do.

You blog it, as Guillaume has done today:

[…] I am furious to a point you can’t possibly imagine, but thankfully I live in Paris, and I am going to go back to the shop, and let me tell you I am going to write here exactly the way they are going to react. Hope they know what customer service means. Hope also they heard about the blogosphere…

Following with interest, Guillaume.

Clearly you have The Social Customer Manifesto pinned on your notice board 😉

One thought on “Life is not a box of chocolates

  1. Well, if it is, I seem to have the uncanny knack of picking the one with that awful cough syrup cherry filling. (ick! There’s one in every box.) But seriously, it is up to us – as the customer and consumer – to just not take it. And, if the process isn’t working – call/write the head of the company (This almost always works for me, and save me a lot of time and frustration. Sometimes I even get an apology!) In my experience, most of the top execs have no clue what is going on with real-life customers and some of them – to their credit – really do care.

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