TypePad’s indelible record

Noodling around the web and the blogosphere in preparation for tonight’s podcast discussion about Six Apart’s TypePad outage last Friday, I noticed that in the majority of blog posts I scanned, the bloggers concerned were apologizing for their blogs being offline.

“Indelible record” is the phrase that immediately springs to my mind. All those hundreds of posts that a) each talk about the TypePad outage and b) apologize for it means that it should hardly surprise any one that, when they do their Google searches for TypePad- or Six Apart-related content in weeks and months (even years) ahead, such negative-commentary posts will show up high in those search results.

Not the kind of search engine optimization you would have in mind.

And just look at the blogosphere spike in references on Friday to TypePad as shown in this Blogpulse trend graph:

Blogpulse trend - TypePad

This is a long term, and undoubtedly damaging, consequence for Six Apart of last Friday’s outage.


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