The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #96: December 22, 2005

Content summary: GM uses video iPod in media relations campaign; a Christmas shopping tale; we’re all tech junkies now; Eric Schwartzman’s interview with Doug Kaye; listeners’ comments discussion; measuring communication old and new; Dan York’s report; the music.

Show notes for December 22, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 72-minute conversation recorded live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Concord, California, USA.

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In this Edition:


  • 00:30 Neville introduces the show; what the show’s about; how to contribute your comments; Wednesday’s interview with Andy Abramson; thoughts about what to do on our 100th show

News Briefs:

Eric Schwartzman’s Interview:

  • 18:27 Eric interviews Doug Kaye
  • 19:34 Formats: News podcasts vs. feature podcasts
  • 20:15 Privitization of the Net
  • 22:29 Licensed music on podcasts
  • 24:04 How to get the entire interview
  • 24:43 Neville talks about podcasts as conversations

Listeners’ Comments Discussion:

  • 26:46 Shel Israel gives us a shoutout
  • 27:22 Michael Soulier comments on Google’s ability to index sites (in reference to the European Publishers’ lawsuit seeking to stop the practice)
  • 30:17 Michael hates the word "webinar"
  • 32.21 Michael comments on IT staff who want to control content
  • 32:59 Michael points us to a Firefox extension that lets you customize Google
  • 33:23 Michael Kirpatrick on the Peppercom survey and the lack of RSS feeds at the Daily Dog
  • Clarence Jones discusses outages at Typepad and
  • 42:32 Heather Hamilton on whether podcasters will fill the drive-time void left by Howard Stern
  • 45:29 Craig Jolley discusses the "horizontal knowledge" article by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
  • 47:52 Vishnu Mahmoud asks about PR performance measurement in new media


  • 48:50 Neville and Shel discuss measurement vs. monitoring in public relations

A Report from Dan York:


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So, until Monday December 26…

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