Twiddling thumbs

Waiting for chkdsk to complete its diagnostics including a free space hard drive scan on a Windows XP computer is like watching paint dry. And about as thrilling.

Continuing my housekeeping mode from yesterday, I’m now spending too much time this morning trying to nail down an irritating little issue that seems to revolve around Norton Internet Security (cathartic rantlet on my MT blog).

So rather than just twiddle my thumbs while I wait, let’s have a quick look around the PR blogosphere to see what’s going on at the moment:

Looks like a real hornet’s nest has been stirred over PR measurement. This stems from a post by Katie Paine where she expounds on her new PR Value Ratio measurement concept. My podcasting co-host Shel Holtz supports Katie’s theme (we discussed it in show #98 of our bi-weekly podcast), and takes John Wagner to task on his dissenting views about PR measurement. John weighs in with a robust defence.

This is a terrific topic for some trenchant debate. No doubt we’ll see the conversation continuing (maybe I’ll contribute a eurocent or two’s worth of opinion once I’ve absorbed the full conversation flow: sounds like a promising thought for post New Year’s Eve partying tomorrow, depending on the Alka-Seltzer XS quotient).

Next, Alaska Airlines and their growing PR crisis if commentaries in the blogosphere are any indicator. This is about the blogger who was on the flight a few days ago which suffered cabin decompression. (Shel and I discussed this, too, in show #98.) Very interesting comments in one of Jeremy Hermanns’ (the blogger concerned) posts – 125 at the last count.

How will this play out for Alaska Airlines who clearly have not grabbed any communication initiative here? At the very least, lots of bloggers won’t be flying with that airline in future. Watch this space.

Ah, chkdsk has now finished its 45-minute diagnostic. Jeez! At least it gives the hard drive a clean bill of health. And in case you’re wondering how I can be writing this post when the desktop PC’s undergoing a disk check, I’m using my laptop 😉

So, back to housekeeping and nailing down Norton.