PR blogger says Clinton could be next Microsoft president

This will be one heck of a scoop for citizen journalism if it turns out to be true:

There are some rumors circulating that Steve Ballmer is about to step aside at Microsoft as its day to day operations head to make room for another president.

Bill Clinton.

From a post today by PR blogger Andy Abramson.

No other comment about this anywhere I can see as I write this post. Watching my RSS feeds with keen interest.

(Aside: Shel and I interviewed Andy last month in our For Immediate Release podcast interview series.)

4 thoughts on “PR blogger says Clinton could be next Microsoft president

  1. Seems like Microsoft would have a lot more to gain from a deal like that than Clinton would. I don’t really see what (aside from a lot of money) Clinton would gain from it. If anything, I think his stature as a statesman would take a big hit from heading “the evil empire.” Unless, of course, he were to be successful in redefining Redmond’s negative perception. It would take someone like Clinton to do it, that’s for sure.

  2. Other commentaries I’ve seen, Dan, talked about Clinton being considered for a role on the board, not necessarily for the top exec job.
    Phil, you may be the better indicator on what’s going on. Heh!

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