How Google could be the world’s most valuable company

Google’s share price could rise to $2,000, says the Daily Telegraph.

The Telegraph quotes Caris & Co, a US stockbroker, saying that Google shares had the potential to climb faster with the launch of digital services. Those shares closed at $465 on Friday after the company announced its online video library.

More from the Telegraph:

[…] Google floated two years ago at $80 a share. If its stock does rise as Caris forecasts, it will be worth $400bn (£225bn) and overtake General Electric to become the most valuable company in the world. Mark Stahlman, an analyst at Caris & Co, said: “We believe Google’s addressable market has a chance to become much larger, more quickly than initially anticipated. . . [it will be] perhaps a $100bn annual sales company over time.”

Goldman Sachs last week raised its share price target for Google to $500. Google pays no dividend and at current levels its stock is rated at 100 times earnings.

Google has its fingers in many pies (and check out what’s in the lab).

Does anyone think Googlezon is pure imagination?