Clueless BrandWeek magazine

Are blogs a waste of your time and that of your business or clients? Indeed they are, according to BrandWeek magazine in the US:

Blogs provide almost no new information. They’re frequently inaccurate. They contribute to the hysterical polarization of our nation’s political discourse. And they’re often written by people who can’t, you know, write. So naturally marketers have flocked to associate their brands with them. Seriously, it’s not entirely clear why so many marketers have rushed to get themselves name-dropped in one of the most unreliable media environments yet invented.

What a credibility-sapping commentary in an otherwise entertaining and well-written special report on the “Best and Worst Marketing Ideas of 2005” (PDF; see #23 on page 5), published by BrandWeek last month.

Show this commentary to someone like Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems and ask him what he thinks. A waste of time? He says otherwise. Or just look through the blogs of any of the 100+ companies listed in The New PR Wiki corporate blogs list or any of those in the new Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki. Do they think it’s all a waste of time? Hardly.

Looks like the BrandWeek author is more of a Forbes reader than a Business Week one. Glass half empty type of approach.

A clueless commentary.

(Via Blog Business Summit.)

3 thoughts on “Clueless BrandWeek magazine

  1. I agree with you – that’s a pretty awful analysis. It sounds like someone doesn’t understand something or control it, so they’d rather discount it entirely.

  2. Nah, half full. But in this family friendly environment I won’t comment on half full of what 🙂
    Of course, many blogs are as they describe. Of course, one can also buy lots of printed media full of nonsense as well!
    Media earns respect. If Scoble says Microsoft is renaming “Windows” to “Doors,” I’ll believe him. He’s earned my respect. If I read it elsewhere I may not.
    If The Wall Street Journal says space aliens have landed in Texas and are enjoying Texas-style barbeque with George Bush I’ll believe it. If the World Weekly News says it I’ll pay no attention (unless chronically bored and in need of a good laugh!.

  3. I think that’s the real point here – respect/credibility.
    There is a dark side to blogs as the Forbes piece points out (in its one-sided way). The Brandweek writer’s very short text has a similar focus.
    Glass half full of what indeed.

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