Stupendous Il Divo

I’m not an opera fan by any means (note: lower-case ‘o’ – I’m not talking about the browser), but after listening to Il Divo, I could easily be converted. At least, to this type of opera.

On Saturday, my wife bought the DVD of Il Divo: Encore and to say I was blown away watching and listening to this really is an understatement.

This is opera but not as you know it. This talented young quartet – an American, Frenchman, Spaniard and a Swiss – of classically-trained singers did a live performance filmed at the Teatro Romano de Mérida in Spain. Switching between songs in English, Spanish and Italian, the audio-visual spectacle really is a treat to behold.

My only complaint reflects some of the reviewers’ comments on – the sound is recorded in Dolby Digital 2.0. It’s very good indeed, but it could have been totally awesome if it were in DTS. (Dolby vs DTS is an ongoing debate. Personally, I always find DTS a far more fantastic listening experience when watching DTS encoded DVDs.)

Still, I found the whole thing a breathtaking experience for the eyes and the ears. A perfect balance to Led Zeppelin 😉

Il Divo: Encore was released in Europe last month. You’re about to get lucky if you’re in the US – the DVD will be released there on 24 January.

More info: Il Divo: The Official Site

One thought on “Stupendous Il Divo

  1. Wow!!!!!!! Just discovered Il Divo!!!
    This group is going to bring back good music. They blow away anything that the pop culture has produced to date. There is nothing like the classically trained voice. To hear the popular music that are classics, being sung, with such marvelous tone quality, to hear their wonderful projection is estasy.
    Over the last decade music has degenerated so much that the musicians are known more for their sensationalism and their special affects and funky halloween costumes. Everyone sounds the same with their stylized voices.
    It is wonderful to witness a performa nce that stands on the voice and marvelous interpretation.
    My only complaint is learning who is the singer. I would love to put a face to each voice. (Just purchased the DVD and first album.

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