The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #106: January 26, 2006

Content summary: Search firms’ PR woes, a fake Wikipedia entry, dull Davos, the never-ending press release meme, reports from Eric Schartzman and Dan York, a conversation with Jen McClure, listener comments, the music.

Show notes for January 26, 2006

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 101-minute podcast recorded live in Concord, CA and nearly live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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In this Edition:


  • 00:32 Shel intros the show; how to give your feedback; show notes
  • 01:51 We’re asking for your vote on Podcast Alley

News and Commentary:

  • 06:03 Neville introduces his first segment
  • 06:42 Neville will talk about news from the world of search engines
  • 07:07 First up, Google agrees to censor search results in China
  • 13:07 Next, Yahoo’s CFO seems to concede search to Google; other Yahoo employees disagree
  • 19:38 Shel comments on the Yahoo story with an assist from a post by Dave Taylor
  • 24:20 Eric Schwartzman shares audio clips from the PRSA/Los Angeles chapter’s “State of the State” panel
  • 28:28 Dan York‘s report — he’s in San Francisco for O’Reilly’s Emerging Telephony conference, which has its own blog
  • 29.37 Dan introduces Mobilcast, which lets you subscribe to and retrieve podcasts over some cell phones
  • 30:30 Dan introduces Podsage, a new podcast/videocast player
  • 31:12 Dan is having trouble with the battery life on his Marantz PMD-660 digital recorder
  • 32:07 Dan agrees with Lee Hopkins about the decline in the use of rich language
  • 34:18 Shel comments on Dan’s Marantz issue
  • 34:40 Shel points Dan to the Podictionary “word of the day” podcast
  • 35:00 Shel’s hurt that Dan came to San Francisco but didn’t call — but he’ll live
  • 35:12 IABC has opened a new online media center
  • 36:19 The Media Orchard blog points us to an ad agency that created a fake Wikipedia entry (which is now gone)
  • 40:24 Neville comments on the World Economic Forum in Davos, its blog and podcast (managed by Loic Le Meur) and an interview Loic conducted for the podcast with Richard Edelman
  • 48:28 Sallie Goetsch gives us a shout-out!
  • 49:08 A post by Jeremy Pepper reopens the “press release is dead” meme
  • 56:10 Eric Schwartzman is back with an interview with Doc Searls
  • 60:40 Shel chats with Jen McClure about the upcoming New Communications Forum

Listeners’ Comments Discussion:

  • 71:46 Alice Marshall adds to Monday’s discussion about the Washington Post’s blog comment controversy
  • 78:03 Kevin Dugan offers an audio comment on The Bad Pitch Blog
  • 79:58 Dan Karleen talks about “rewindability,” “dialing,” and Skype problems
  • 82:12 Clarence Jones talks about how spam may be prompting a new copywriting renaissance
  • 84:50 Luke Armour thanks Neville for advice he used to relaunch his blog; he also talks about whether CEOs should blog
  • 87:21 David Phillips on the future of public relations
  • 90:47 Keith Childs listens to FIR in his car
  • 92:32 Lee Hopkins comments on RSS delivering scents
  • 95:18 Michael Soulier lets us know that Google has finally released Google News from beta


  • 95:50 Shel wraps the show with information on where to send comments and find show notes; he also talks about other content you can find on the FIR website
  • 97:48 Outro podsafe music via Podsafe Music NetworkSweet Blossom by Robin Stine

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So, until Monday January 30…

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