Moving towards Google’s EPIC

Still thinking that the Google Grid and the Evolving Personalized Information Construct are pure fantasy, just a history lesson from 2015? From The Times yesterday:

Google is working on a project to create its own global internet protocol (IP) network, a private alternative to the internet controlled by the search giant, according to sources who are in commercial negotiation with the company.

[…] A leading content provider, who did not wish to be named, told Times Online: “We are in discussions with Google to provide content for their alternative internet service, to be distributed through their Google Cube product. As far as I’m aware they have been conducting negotiations with a number of other players in our marketplace to provide quality content to their users.”

[…] Contacted by Times Online today, a spokesperson for Google denied that it had any such plans, before adding its customary rider: “It’s Google’s policy not to comment on speculation concerning products before they are launched.”

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5 thoughts on “Moving towards Google’s EPIC

  1. Neville,
    I’m shocked to read about this on your post. I just blogged about this yesterday. I’ve been dying to talk to someone about this whole thing, but couldn’t find anyone else who had heard about it. Maybe I’ve been moving in the wrong circles. Glad to see there’s a discussion going on about it.
    Scary and thought provoking, to be sure.

  2. An alternative to the existing internet. Someone has to do it sometime and it was always going to be either Microsoft or Google.
    The recent business will make it harder to convert those of us already existing on the internet to make the shift but for those that will have no other method but the inexpensive proposed Google PC…
    Clever gits. Shame for them (but good for us) that they didn’t get around to it until the love affair was over.

  3. Google Epic Video

    If you haven’t already seen this flash video Epic 2015 on Albino Blacksheep, you really must.
    The world is moving in the direction that has all interaction in life as recordable data which can be harvested by whoever has got the architecture on pl…

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