Record audio at Odeo

Odeo, the podcasting service and directory launched last July, now offers a recording capability where you can record a commentary about a podcast:

[…] There is now a “Reply” button under the audio player on Odeo pages. This way, when you record and share an Odeo with people, they will be able to record a response. (You’ll get email notifications of this activity so you can keep up with the conversation.)

I definitely want to see how Shel and I can implement this feature for For Immediate Release. Our podcast is listed with Odeo so you can also subscribe to it there. We’ve already added an instant-play feature to the podcast blog (just click to listen to a show); if we can also provide a way for listeners to easily make an audio comment there and then, while the impulse to do so is hot, that would be terrific.

Now if iTunes had a feature like this…

Odeo has also introduced a rather neat audio messaging service where you can record a message and send it to someone. And you don’t need to have an account with Odeo to use this service.

Do give it a try!

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