The richness of blogs

One of the best articles about the value of blogs that I’ve read in a long time was posted by Robin Good yesterday.

Information Overload: Blogs As Content Navigators, Information Filters, Trusted Niche Guides provides a good perspective on one of the curses of modern life, which isn’t how to find information – it’s how to find, interpret and trust the information that matters to you.

The bottom line:

[…] Blogs stand to benefit in the present media landscape for a number of reasons:

  • Because of the overload of information it is impossible for people to keep up with all of it. Information needs to be sifted through and made sense of.
  • Bloggers also add richness to the already established reach of mass media.
  • Blogs can cater to niche audiences that mass media cannot because mass media must focus on the most important or biggest issues at hand.
  • Because of the Internet a blogger can have a niche audience of 5,000 readers a day from around the world.
  • A major factor is that blogs have little to no overhead to set up and run. All that is needed is a computer and an Internet connection and a blogger can be up and running, so the distribution costs are cheap.

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