Under the weather

‘Knocked for six’ could be another idiomatic way of describing my state of being this past two days. Since returning from the Manchester conference midweek, I’ve been out of action with a malaise that kept me firmly in bed until today.

Burning the candle at both ends is unquestionably the reason. So after two days of catching up with sleep with just one break, to produce Thursday’s edition of FIR (the show must go on!), I should be back up to speed very soon.

Quite a bit of catching up to do if my RSS feeds are any indicator. But no blogging in pyjamas this weekend! Full service will be resumed on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. Is this finally proof that smoking the podcasting dope is bad for your health?
    Maybe Lee’s chicken soup will cure what ails you…
    Take it easy Neville and hopefully salvage your weekend.

  2. Help Neville

    Lee asked to help out fellow PR-blogger Neville Hobson with the Technorati-ranking of his new URL. Glad to help out. And for your other ailment: Try one half of minced ginger and one half honey, ground pepper, mix. Eat one

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