Switch to new blog imminent

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve been experimenting with the Movable Type and WordPress blog platforms since last August, with a move to a new blog the planned conclusion of that experimenting.

It’s taken longer than I originally planned, but I’m just about ready to make the switch to a new blog.

So during this week, I will be starting afresh with a new domain and a new home – www.nevillehobson.com. The new blog (running on the latest WordPress release) is live now but I’m not yet writing there full-time.

When I do make the switch, this blog, NevOn, will no longer be updated and instead will become the historical archive of my blogging and conversations here since July 2004.

If you currently subscribe to the FeedBurner RSS feed for this blog, your subscription should seamlessly continue with the new RSS feed for the new blog. If I’ve figured out FB’s instructions correctly 😉

More comment in the "goodbye/hello" post I’ll write here at the time of the switch.

6 thoughts on “Switch to new blog imminent

  1. Congratulations. I’ll be watching with interest. I’ve also been looking at switching to a WordPress blog, so I’ll be interested in seeing how it goes for you. I’d also be interested in hearing what was involved for you. Why did it take longer than you had thought? Was setting up the new blog difficult? Or is it just the usual lack of time that we all seem to be suffering from these days?
    Whatever, I’m glad you’re just about ready to go.

  2. Thanks Dennis. I’ve been posting some commentary about Technorati on the new blog during this past week. Some interesting comments already to those posts.
    Dave, thanks. I’ll likely be posting some thoughts on the new blog re the switch to WordPress. As for why the switch is taking longer than I had originally planned, a major reason is that it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that it finally became wholly clear to me re new domain vs. transferring this one, and how I’d structure the new blog.
    So from that decision until the imminent switch, the planning to execution actually was quite quick 😉

  3. I’ve also been playing with the idea of moving to WordPress for my blog. Ton has both of our IFCCC blogs running on WordPress.
    My burning question is how to make the identity unique and reflective of the brand in WordPress. Somehow, all the templates for WordPress seem to look alike. That’s my challenge right now – working with code and format to create space. Won’t you miss the openness of your current layout?

  4. Yeah, I have the same problem … and I haven’t even moved blogs! But according to David Sifry it’s on the radar for fixing.

  5. Colby, I think concern re unique identity and presentation applies no matter the platform.
    There are loads of WP themes (templates) out there, as there are for Movable Type, TypePad, etc. Simplest thing is to use one of those out-of-the-box styles.
    What I’m doing on my new blog is taking such a ready-made WordPress theme – K2 – and then customizing it lightly to what I think is a visual presentation that reflects how I want to be presented, so to speak. Even though lots of people are using K2, I haven’t yet come across any blog that looks like mine.
    If you really want something entirely unique, then you have to create it yourself or hire a theme design expert to do it for you.
    As for openness of the current layout, I don’t find it open at all, if by that you mean the ability to change it any way I want. From a visual point of view, it seems far too cluttered now. Too many design elements, badges, etc. The new blog has a pretty uncluttered layout so that you can focus on the content not other distractions. Plus I can do anything to the templates I want to, assuming I know what I’m doing with PHP 😉
    Tris, if Technorati really does come up with a way to transfer your identity, let’s say (re Dennis’ comment), that will be big news indeed.

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