The new face of advertising

A 20-year-old US man is selling advertising space on his forehead to the highest bidder on eBay, BBC News reports. Andrew Fisher, from Omaha, Nebraska, said he would have a non-permanent logo or brand name tattooed on his head for 30 days. “The way I see it I’m selling something I already own; after 30 […]

RSS as the self-contained information experience

Following my post a few days ago on getting more from your RSS feed, in particular on using Feedburner’s new Total Stats Pro service, I read a very interesting report on ClickZ about RSS advertising. In the report, ClickZ managing editor Pamela Parker interviews Feedburner CEO Dick Costolo to discuss his company’s experimentation with advertising […]

Ducati sponsors motorcycle blog

Italian blog portal formally launched today, a new consumer blog on motorcycles with Ducati as the launch sponsor. This is the first sponsorship for a commercial blog in Europe, says’s Luca Lizzeri, and the first big sponsorship for a blog in Italy. It also represents Ducati’s first step into the blogosphere. Ducati […]

Logo nostalgia

If you have fond memories of some of the greatest corporate symbols of the past century that are no longer with us, Logo R.I.P is a terrific website to visit for a trip down memory lane. This logo, for instance – the Robertson’s Golly, a famous symbol in the UK for a range of market-leading […]

Great resources for communicators

One blog that’s in my RSS reader and which I regularly scan is Adverblog by Martina Zavagno. A great resource always full of interesting news and info about campaigns and on the global advertising and marketing scene. Martina’s put up two useful lists – one that lists advertising and marketing blogs, and another that lists […]

Mars dog blog gets it right

With the focus on blogging in Europe and North America, it’s good to have an opportunity to broaden one’s horizon and gain some insight into contrasting uses of this medium in Asia from a business and marketing perspective. Niall Cook reports on what two consumer product companies are doing with blogs as integral elements of […]

Alfa Romeo sponsors car blog

Italian blog portal has secured another first – Italian car maker Alfa-Romeo is sponsoring from today, 1 September. This is the first blog sponsorship deal for a European blog by a major automotive brand, said. In a press release,’s Luca Lizzeri said, "in January 2005 had 20,000 page views in […]