The broadband siren call

We all want fast always-on internet, right? Not a measly 8-megs-fast (that’s what I get here in The Netherlands), something blisteringly fast: Give me speed that terrifies the old and exhilarates the young. Let me download life with wild abandon. Make it ludicrously affordable, that I may infuriate my friends (but make it easy for […]

What is ‘it’?

Designed by German engineers and developed in Sweden by renowned Japanese scientists. It can hold 2,500 of your favourite songs. It has sleek design and incredible handling. It can even cook chicken. What is it? No spoiler in this post – visit What Is It? to find out. Oh alright, a little hint: clever online […]

Transforming corporate identities beyond the razzle dazzle

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas certainly was the place this week for many companies to announce a dazzling array of new tech products, alliances and ventures. The best place I found to keep up with what was going on was the excellent Engadget CES blog which had a non-stop stream of posts. Another […]