The colours of Keukenhof

One of the things The Netherlands is well known for is flowers, tulips in particular. And there’s one place in particular where you can see tulips of every single type imaginable. Not only tulips, but also other flowers including rare orchids. That place is Keukenhof outside the town of Lisse, about a 20-minute drive from […]

Amsterdam’s giant street party

On 30 April each year, The Netherlands celebrates Queen’s Day, or Koninginnedag to give it its formal Dutch label. Queen’s Day is ostensibly about celebrating the birthday of Queen Beatrix. Indeed, the monarch spends the day visiting towns throughout the country as part of the celebrations. This year, 2005, is a special one as it […]

Simply a gorgeous day

Today’s one of those city days when the weather is just perfect. Wall-to-wall sunshine, 25 degrees C (about 77 F), about 50 percent humidity. For this part of western Europe, it doesn’t get much more pleasant than this in a city. Here in Amsterdam, it’s been pretty dismal during the past few weeks. A couple […]

Speaking at E-Day Amsterdam

Heading off to the Emerce E-Day conference taking place today in Amsterdam. I’m participating in a panel discussion broadly titled Public Relations in The Blogosphere. My fellow panelists are Scott Rafer, Frank Janssen, Paul Molenaar and Hans Mestrum. We hope to have a stimulating and dynamic multi-lingual discussion (Dutch and English) on issues and strategies […]