Four days before Christmas

Four days before Christmas and maybe a good moment to jot down some thoughts. Well, not because it’s four days before Christmas, but it’s a good moment! It’s Saturday, cold outside and nice and toasty inside. My musings so far haven’t mentioned anything about what I do for a living, so anyone visiting my blog […]

Bizarre and yet funny

Bizarre and yet funny, sort of. A ship called the Tricolor sinks in the English Channel in mid December following a collision with another cargo ship. No crew hurt, all rescued safely. A week later, another ship crashes into the wreck in thick fog. The wreck site hadn’t yet been fully marked out to warn […]

This could be me someday

This could be me someday -> How to Sell Anything on EBay…and Make A Fortune! I’m currently reading My Life,’ Bill Clinton’s memoirs. So far, I’m with Bill when he had graduated and went to Washington. It’s all a bit heavy going, to be honest, but broadly enjoyable for a politician’s bio.

Vanity computing…

“Only in America,” as it’s often said from Europe! Jim Cara from Wilmington, Delaware, USA, certainly made an impact with his new vanity license plate, but not quite how he’d intended. Full story: Delaware Online News Journal : LOCAL : ‘NOTAG’ tags bring flood of tickets

A trip down computing memory lane

Wow, nostalgia! A post on John Dvorak’s Dvorak Uncensored blog commented on a 1965 computer listed in an online computer museum. On taking a look at the site, I came across this Kaypro 2x from 1984, which was the first ‘real’ computer I ever used. 4Mhz Z80A processor, CP/M operating system – this is from […]

A bit of a jam

While unfortunate for all the people involved, this is the kind of news report that you want to read at the end of a busy day: BERLIN (Reuters) – A German truck driver lost control of his vehicle while trying to swat a wasp and spilled his 15-ton load of jam jars on the motorway, […]

Music to soothe your dog

The ethos of Dutch cool, from Reuters: AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Help is at hand for pet owners and their neighbors troubled by barking dogs — soothing recordings of “new age”-style music blended with sounds of nature. “Piano music with twittering birds and murmuring water apparently has a soothing effect on dogs,” said a spokesman for […]

Things happening 19 Sept

Sunday morning, scanning my RSS webfeeds, some interesting things going on that caught my attention: Jan Baan, a name synonymous with one of the great ERP success stories of the 1990s (and one of the greatest business controversies in The Netherlands at the time of that success story’s demise in the early 00s), is back […]

Protect your bananas

Hold the front page! Here’s crucial news about how to protect your bananas: Are you fed up with taking bananas to work or school only to find them bruised and squashed? Our unique, patented device allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere […] The Banana […]

The minister of silly walks online

John Cleese has a website! Lots of very silly things and the Church of Jesus Christ Capitalists. Very Pythonesque. An extension of the Cleese brand – it costs $50 to get access to "laughs, exclusive sketches, CleeseTV streaming videos, limited edition merch and meet and greet opps, access to the community, message boards, periodical chat […]

A day out in Paris

Yesterday was a wonderful day out – I took a Thalys high-speed train to Paris and had lunch with Guillaume du Gardier and Elizabeth Albrycht. Down early in the morning, back late in the evening. That’s one of the other terrific things about blogs – you get to meet the best people. Guillaume and Elizabeth […]

Season’s Greetings!

Just two days until Christmas Day and time for me to sign off for the holiday. I promised my wife I would not put blogging fingers to keyboard during this time; instead, I would wholly focus on my family. So I will try to keep that commitment. Wishing everyone all the very best for a […]