It’s about the communication, not the technology

Today marks the beginning of a new venture that brings together four European-based communication professionals to offer organizations something a little different in the field of communication consulting and communication technology. Elizabeth Albrycht, Christophe Ducamp, Guillaume du Gardier and myself have formed Blogging Planet, a new consultancy designed to help companies in Europe and the […]

Around the blog in Paris

A one-day conference is being organized in Paris on 11 October designed to introduce participants to communication tools complementary to blogs such as RSS, podcasting, videocasting and tracking/buzz measurement – all elements of participatory communication. Set up as a series of informal roundtables, the event is being organized by Blogging Planet (the communication consultancy of […]

A powerful combination for Les Blogs 2.0

Exciting news from Blogging Planet, the communication consultancy in which I’m an alliance partner with Guillaume du Gardier, Elizabeth Albrycht and Christoph Ducamp. Loic Le Meur of Six Apart has invited Blogging Planet to co-produce Les Blogs 2.0, a two-day conference scheduled for 5-6 December in Paris. And, given how close the dates are for […]