Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 20-Sept-05

A new blog about PowerPoint AOL offers new VOIP service b5 is waking up Black day for IBM traditionalists Dell Unveils Music Player Economist falls for Skype-hype: wrongly predicts end to mobile voice calls Google Prepares to Launch WiFi Service Identity Theft inFlightHQ Launches Internet industry unease at EU rules revision Novell PR Team Opens […]

GM’s Bob Lutz: The disruptive communicator

He was the first General Motors executive blogger when the GM Fastlane Blog launched last January. Now he’s the first GM executive podcaster on FastLane Radio, GM’s podcast series launched in February. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz stars in a Q&A discussion with Bill O’Neill, GM’s executive director of communications. During much of the 20-minute […]

The prize for Skype

Writing in the Financial Times last week, Stuart Henshall has an interesting analysis of Skype’s call forwarding functionality and what that could mean for eBay and Skype users following eBay’s acquisition of Skype a few weeks ago: […] With call transfer, by contrast, the call can be answered and redirected to either another Skype account […]

Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 27-Sept-05

24-megabit broadband launched at £24 a month Are You on Top of Your Enterprise IM Blogging @ McDonald’s Blogs that link to Global PR Blog Week 2.0 Book: Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business and Culture — by David Kline & Dan Burstein Feed Etiquette IABC Financial Communications Conference – Notes […]

Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 04-Oct-05

Broadband Adoption in the United States: Growing but Slowing Description of Office 2003 Service Pack 2 Employee No. 1 Is Scouting China for Google First Monday — Podcasting: A new technology in search of viable business models Internet Sales Tax on the Horizon Microsoft confirms next XP service pack Microsoft is Podcasting Netscape Lands Browser […]

IBM’s credible message: Blogging means business

Two senior IBM executives are featured in an informative and engaging series of audiovisual presentations that present the case for blogs as strategic business tools. Presented by Harriet Pearson, IBM’s Chief Privacy Officer and Vice President for Corporate Affairs, and Willy Chiu, Vice President of IBM’s High Performance On Demand Solutions Group, some very interesting […]

Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 11-Oct-05

Blogging slips down the priority list How to speak at a tech conference I Want the Blooker Prize IBM and the Future of Our Past Lockergnome Releases Gada.Be Metasearch Service Meeting Steve Ballmer in Munich… Phil Gomes – A Rough Early PR Blog Timeline PR Week Debuts Column by Dan Gillmor Selling the BlogoSphere Part […]

Lessons from Interpublic’s global financial chaos

The Financial Times reports the sobering story of marketing and ad agency group Interpublic who, after over 400 acquisitions and global expansion, found itself having to restate its accounts for the past ten years and be the subject of an SEC investigation into its accounting practices: […] The company discovered “instances of deliberate falsification of […]

Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 19-Oct-05

Blog Spammers Take Aim at Google Bloglines Losing Early Adopters to Rojo, Newsgator, and Google? (IACI, GOOG) Blogs are too easy to create says Wall Street Journal: Blog spam is the result Blogs of a Different Color E Ink and LG.Philips LCD build 10.1-inch flexible display Flat Yahoo Profit Tops Expectations FTC Asked to Address […]

Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 25-Oct-05

An Internet Fed Mostly by Amateurs is Fascinating Budget Launches Blog-Based Up Your Budget 16-City Treasure Hunt does this mean the blog is now officially mainstream media? Have You Read Your EULA Today? PR Owns the Blogosphere, For Better or Worse Should bank employees see blogs? The New Visionaries: Rebooting The Web Three Web 2.0 […]