Podcast interview with Forbes

An interesting follow-up to the Forbes shallow journalism story (my unrepentant description) yesterday which described how the magazine portrayed blogs and bloggers as the source of all evil. In a comment yesterday to Steve Rubel’s critical post, podcaster John Furrier says he’s interviewing Forbes’ proprietor Steve Forbes about the benefits of social media: On Monday […]

Updated list of European corporate blogs

Fredrik Wacka, who writes the popular CorporateBloggingInfo blog, updated his list of European corporate blogs last week. The updated list includes blogs by organizations in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. This is a very useful resource, complementary to the strongly US-focused list […]

Email might still be king but RSS is the heir

BBC News: Tesco is bombarding UK consumers with a massive e-mail marketing campaign. Way ahead of its supermarket rivals, it issued 44 separate e-mail campaigns last month, more than Sainsbury, Asda, Waitrose and Somerfield put together. According to e-mail marketing firm Interactive Prospect Targeting Services, Tesco is blitzing the nation with 16-20 million e-mails per […]

Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 23-Nov-05

Amazon Launches Product Wikis Attention Movable Type Developers Blinx delivers legendary university speeches French Interior Minister reads (and comments on) blogs Google Analytics makes site owners illegal Google Base Goes Live GourmetStation: A Case Study of Damage Control in the Blogosphere IKEA Brand Evangelists Take to the Blogosphere Knowledge Work Needs Social Software Les Blogs […]

FIR Book Review: “Naked Conversations”

In this edition of For Immediate Release book reviews, Neville and Shel discuss "Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers," the new book on blogging and businesses by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, to be published in January 2006. The Book: "With a foreword by Tom Peters, author of such […]