Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 01-Feb-06

A job advertisement from the future . . . Complexity stifles Web services Digital downloads would benefit analyst Google Earnings Disappoint; Shares Plunge (Michael Liedtke/Associated Press) Google set to fall on profit miss Hands On With Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 Beta Is Google Going Commercial with VOIP? Japanese tech firms report strong Q3 earnings […]

Biz-Tech-News: Headlines 09-Feb-06

Apple unveils cut-price iPod nano BBC sees bright future with Orange Blog Buzz on High-Tech Start-Ups Causes Some Static Chinese man ‘jailed due to Yahoo’ Desktop Reloaded – Today we’re very pleased to announce … (Inside Google Desktop) Ebay sees Google, Yahoo, Amazon divergence EU hands Microsoft antitrust setback Google Desktop 3.0: Privacy is Dead(er) […]

Daily Telegraph’s new media expansion

Another indicator of how some mainstream media see podcasting as a big opportunity – The Daily Telegraph is advertising for two Podcast Reporters/Producers: […] We are looking for two individuals who are capable of creating high quality and engaging Podcasts that feature comment and opinion from both internal and external sources. The successful candidates will […]

Imagine if Chevron had used a blog instead

Listening this morning to a BBC World Service radio interview with Peter Robertson, vice-chairman of the Chevron oil company, I was struck in particular by his commentary about a website where the public can join Chevron in an online discussion about the future of energy. Overall, I found it a fascinating interview, with its discussion […]