Flying blog

Lunchtime break, good time to review what’s come in on RSS over the past couple of hours. Reading a news item on the BBC about Global Flyer, the jet plane in which US adventurer Steve Fossett plans to fly non-stop around the world early next year without refuelling. The high-profile backer of Global Flyer is […]

A Real music battle

Real Networks mounts a big challenge to Apple’s iTunes in an effort to win market share at Apple’s expense, according to a BBC News report yesterday: BBC NEWS | Business | Real in online music price war Then, one post by Steve Rubel on his Micro Persuasion blog reported that Real had set up a […]

Google cuts IPO price

In a sign that Google’s initial public offering isn’t as popular as expected, the Internet search engine has slashed the price range for its IPO and reduced the size of the issue, according to a Wall Street Journal report today. The surprise announcement, made in an email to investors, dramatically changes the size of the […]

Yahoo! launches corporate blog

Yahoo! launched a blog yesterday. The first post is an intro by Jeff Weiner, SVP Yahoo! Search & Marketplace, so it’s kicked off with a solid business/customer focus. And, the blog starts out with commenting and trackbacks enabled. Yahoo! Search blog On his personal blog, Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! (Finance) has an FAQ about the […]

Microsoft localization traps

You think selling software in multiple countries is easy? You have localized your product, your distribution infrastructure is set, support systems ready, all the elements in place, and off you go, right? Take a look at some of Microsoft’s experiences over the past 10 years, presented at a conference to address why multi-national corporations must […]

Googling the market

The IPO is done, investors have made some immediate gains and the dust is settling. As reports, Google must grow bigger, smarter and stronger or face being overtaken by powerful rivals such as Yahoo! and MSN, and compete not only on its stock price but also on its core technology and its marketing. […]

E.piphany CEO secrets of success

From BBC News – The values that guide and focus E.piphany CEO Karen Richardson: Being ethical and always sticking to your principles will pay off in the end. There is no short way or quick remedy to success, just do it the right way even if it takes a little longer. Proudest moments in her […]

Sun to develop enterpise blogging tools

Sun Microsystems plans to include Roller blogging technology as part of its enterprise software, according to an report today. Roller is server-based weblogging software designed to support multiple simultaneous blog users and visitors. To kick start this, Sun has hired Dave Johnson, the founder of Roller, to “design, develop, and deploy the primary blogging […]

Expanding blogs to make money

From the Financial Times, 1 September: There are lots of ways to make money with weblogs. Henry Copeland’s is helping politicians raise campaign funds. Nick Denton’s Gawker Media is accumulating huge audiences with an editorial mix of sex, politics and gossip. Brian Stelter sold to a company that wanted more traffic for its […]

US leads in corporate governance

A Financial Times report says that US companies have risen to the top of a global comparison of corporate governance standards, overtaking the UK and Canada for the first time. A study of more than 2,500 international companies found the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and other reforms implemented following recent scandals such as Enron and WorldCom […]

No messing about in China

China executes bank employees in fraud crackdown. Pretty extreme. There would definitely never have been an Enron or Worldcom fraud in China. CNN | China executes bank staff for fraud (Via Dvorak Uncensored.) Speaking about China, Loïc le Meur has some good tips on working around the Chinese restrictions/censorship on internet access if you want […]

PR policy for Microsoft blogger

Robert Scoble is undoubtedly the most high-profile and best-known Microsoft employee blogger – if not the best-known business-technology blogger, period – certainly in business and technology blogging circles and in the media. Robert’s blog Scobleizer and his link blog Scoble present reliable and trusted sources of rich information about what’s going on at Microsoft as well as […]

New Sony blog service?

This is a time when I wish I spoke Japanese. There’s a Japanese-language website called So-net blog with a copyright notice at the bottom saying ‘Sony Communication Network Corporation’ and the only English word you can see in the help page text is ‘blog.’ Is this another consumer blog service Sony is launching in Japan? […]

Have something worth talking about

Seth Godin posted a list of 10 lies to protect the status quo. The one I think is especially spot on is lie #10: Who you know is more important than what you do. This is how Seth expounds #10: When your idea is gaining traction, the easy and obvious and natural thing to do […]