Conversation is a two-way street

More on two-way blogs and moderated conversations, from Tom Murphy at PR Opinions: Conversation is a two way street.You don’t see companies promoting customer service phone numbers and then not employing anyone to answer the phone (those annoying automated customer service systems at least answer the call). If you’re establishing a blog, you are doing […]

Blogging for dollars

The latest business-focused story about blogging appears in the October issue of CFO Magazine. Although the magazine article covers a lot of the same ground that has already appeared in publications like Business Week and through newswires like Reuters, its readership comprises an excellent business audience for getting the message to about the benefits of […]

Branson on business and branding

Virgin boss Richard Branson on business and branding as told to Fast Company: Branson on business – Profits are a by-product. “The bottom line has never been a reason for doing anything. It’s much more the satisfaction of creating things that you’re proud of and making a difference.” When you screw up, fess up. “The […]

Green light for Oracle

The European Commission has given Oracle an unconditional green light to go ahead with its takeover of Peoplesoft, BBC News reports. The move clears one of the last hurdles for Oracle in the $7.7 billion hostile acquisition attempt of its competitor in the enterprise software market. Earlier this month, regulators in the US had reached […]

Imaginative HR at Genencor

Great story in Fast Company on a biotech company in the US which nurtures its people with imaginative benefits, keeping them happy, loyal and productive. Genencor International‘s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, are the physical manifestation of what happens when you effectively transform employees into designers of their own work environment. The 1,260-employee, $380 million […]

Microsoft executive emails: Great blog candidates

For some time, I’ve subscribed to Microsoft executive emails, the ones that periodically come out under either Bill Gates’ or, more usually, Steve Ballmer’s name. These emails address topical technology-in-business issues, and discuss how they relate to Microsoft’s products and services, obviously with a clear and strong Microsoft view. While some people cynically view these […]

Sun interviews Tony Perkins on blogging

Reverse-interview: Tony Perkins (founder and editor Red Herring, and founder and chief editor Always On Network) interviewed about business blogging by Sun Microsystems: Blogs are one of today’s hottest and most widely available technologies. They affect elections, create instant celebrities, generate scandals, and open amazing potential for open communication. As a business executive, you should […]

More great thinking via ChangeThis

The latest batch of manifestos from ChangeThis are released today. Since ChangeThis launched in August, the collection of manifestos has grown to over 40. (Read the manifesto about ChangeThis (PDF) to understand what ChangeThis and manifestos are.) Manifesto topics are wide ranging and represent some really great thinking and original ideas. These are five of […]

Engadget interviews Skype

Engadget has a lengthy interview with Skype co-founder and CEO Niklas Zennström about the future of voice communication, using Skype through wi-fi handhelds, and the coming death of the telecom dinosaurs. (A reminder of what Skype is – free software that lets you make free phone calls from your computer to other Skype users anywhere […]

Codes and policies to blog by

A welcome contribution to a clear code of practice for bloggers comes from Charlene Li at Forrester Research. As part of a report into corporate blogging that Charlene prepared, and which Forrester published last week, come 13 suggestions for a blogger ‘code of ethics’ (I prefer the expression ‘code of practice’): I will tell the […]

Today’s rich miscellany

Business, communication and technology news snipped from my RSS feeds today: Microsoft to Launch Fresh Challenge to Google, Yahoo (Wall Street Journal) – Microsoft Corp. tomorrow will start its long-awaited Internet search service, adding fresh competition to Google Inc. Firefox and Beyond: Mozilla President Browses the Future (eWeek) – As Mozilla launches Firefox for the […]

eBay expands in The Netherlands

eBay is buying Marktplaats, the biggest online buy/sell site in The Netherlands, the Wall Street Journal reports today, for about €225 million. eBay said it wanted to strengthen its position in The Netherlands, where 70% of the population uses the internet (that’s about 11 million people) and there is a strong and historic tradition of […]

SOX compliance today – and it’s not cheap

Today is the day that Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act comes into effect. Section 404 says that publicly-listed companies in the US must have in place an adequate internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting, and holds corporate management accountable for inadequate controls. To ensure compliance with Section 404, enterprises must have data […]

Bootstrapping a business the smart way

Five new manifestos are available today from ChangeThis, including a real gem – The Bootstrapper’s Bible by entrepreneur Seth Godin. From the introduction to the 103-page PDF e-book: Bootstrappers run billion-dollar companies, nonprofit organizations, and start-ups in their basements. A bootstrapper is determined to build a business that pays for itself every day. In many […]