British Library wifi hotspot

Visitors to the British Library in London will be able to get wireless internet access alongside the extensive information available in its famous reading rooms. Broadband wireless connectivity will be made available in the eleven reading rooms, the auditorium, café, restaurant, and outdoor piazza area. A study revealed that 86% of visitors to the Library […]

PR fudging

Imagine this. A company has a financial hole that’s $92.9 million big. As a publicly-listed company, they have to report it and issue a public statement, which they do. So this is how one newspaper, The Washington Post, reported the news yesterday: McLean technology consulting company BearingPoint Inc. said yesterday that its chief financial officer, […]

Europeans give mixed marks for corporate reputation

The best-known firms in Germany, the United Kingdom and France are largely homegrown, reflecting Europe’s still-fragmented local markets, according to a survey published last week in the Wall Street Journal. The comprehensive survey of corporate reputations among companies in the European Union’s three largest countries – carried out by The Reputation Institute and Harris Interactive […]

The free-falling US dollar

How much worse can it get? The Wall Street Journal says today: Skeptical markets drove the dollar to another all-time low Thursday against the euro, with the European currency climbing above $1.32 for the first time. The euro rose to a new high for a third consecutive day, breaking through Wednesday’s record of $1.3178. It […]

Target’s reality trip

So US retailer Target Corporation is offering marijuana for sale on its e-commerce website. Is this a pending PR crisis in the blogosphere? Steve Rubel thinks so. I’d be inclined to agree with Steve. Start with the blogosphere – as in Nathan Weinberg’s post at Inside Google with its headline “Taget [sic] pushes drugs” – […]

UK PR agency groups in merger talks

Chime Communications and Incepta, the listed public relations companies that own some of the UK’s best-known consultancies, have held extensive merger talks. The Daily Telegraph reports that discussions between the two groups took place earlier this month but failed to reach an agreement on the terms of a possible merger. However, the prospect of a […]

It’s about Target’s reputation

It has been interesting seeing the different reactions to the Target marijuana story during the past few days. Web Pro News has a good summary of events, including an explanation of how Target’s e-commerce website works as a front-end for Whatever you see on Target’s website, they don’t really sell marijuana, it seems. Neither […]

Edelman: Our word is our bond

Richard Edelman’s latest post in his Speak Up blog is about ethics in PR. But this is no ordinary post, no yawning homily about what the PR profession should be doing to keep a clean house. This post speaks from the heart, it seems to me: Let me begin by recognizing that those who live […]

IBM getting out of the PC business

In today’s New York Times: IBM, whose PC in 1981 moved personal computing out of the hobby shop and into the corporate and consumer mainstream, has put the business up for sale, people close to the negotiations said yesterday. […] The sale, likely to be in the $1 billion to $2 billion range, is expected […]

A blog is a great CRM tool

Guillaume du Gardier recounts an experience in a post in the CEO Bloggers’ Club from meeting with the sales team of an international company in which blogging was discussed: The first reaction of the sale team was negative, as they are afraid to see their client talking about prices or problems they might have when […]

Getting interesting in China

China is high up in the business news headlines at the moment following the completion of IBM’s deal to sell its PC business to Lenovo, a Chinese computer manufacturer, for $1.75 billion. Lenovo will become the world’s third-biggest PC maker, behind Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Here’s an interesting commentary from John Patrick, former VP of internet […]

The Red Couch outlined

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have outlined how they see The Red Couch, the book on blogging they are planning (see my recent post). Highlight from the outline introductory segment: The Red Couch argues blogging is changing everything and businesses choosing to ignore it, face the same fate as the blacksmith who ignored the automobile […]

Search for the best search

CNET News: Google has launched a new feature that tries to guess what people are looking for as they type queries into a search box. Google Suggest quietly debuted this week on the company’s Labs site, CNET says, which showcases Google features that “aren’t quite ready for prime time,” according to a message on the […]