Martha Stewart: What should she do next?

Very nice piece by Stephen Evans, BBC North America business correspondent, published today on the BBC News website. Looks tongue-in-cheek, but it’s not… The US lifestyle guru who on Friday was sentenced to five months in jail and five months of house arrest over charges of conspiracy and obstruction faces some tough decisions. Could this […]

Amazon and Good Business (Reading)

As a regular customer of, I decided to add some Amazon advertising to this blog, which you can see if you scroll down the page. I’ve not gone overboard with loads of graphics and overtly plugging product for sale, just highlighted some business reading with a particular focus on topics surrounding corporate communication. Amazon has […]

Developing some Passion

I discovered a well-written article about blogging and its future as an organizational communication tool. Written in March by Trevor Cook, director of a PR firm in Sydney, Australia, and published in his Corporate Engagement blog, the article explores and comments on how blogs are developing beyond purely online versions of personal diaries and evolving […]

Meet the political bloggers

From today’s Wall Street Journal. This report is about how blogging is a potent communication force in US politics. Another sign that blogging is rapidly catching on in a big way as a more structured and organized means of communication. Excerpt: The Democratic Party is widening its media tent for the Boston convention. For the […]

Blogging and business moving mainstream

Reuters reported today that “the growth in the number of blogs, and those who read them, continues to attract attention from business leaders … as a means of enhancing companies’ communication more directly with employees, partners and customers.” They couldn’t have said it better or more succintly! In their report, Reuters quote an IBM executive […]

Defining a corporate blog

If you visit any of the blogs run by people in the communication business, you’ll find increasing numbers of articles and discussion on corporate blogging: blogs by companies and other organizations. Much discussion is taking place on why and how to do it (including this lively topic, A Very Brief look at Blogging for the […]

BBC wants top political blogs

BBC News Online is looking for political blogs, preferably with a UK focus. “We are looking for lively, thought-provoking sites that stimulate genuine debate, rather than just pushing a particular narrow viewpoint or agenda, but all suggestions are welcome,” they said. The BBC plans to feature as many as possible over the next few weeks. […]

Death by PowerPoint for CEO

When the day comes that a board of directors fires a CEO because of a PowerPoint, it will send a very clear signal about what is at stake these days when anyone gives a presentation. According to a report in the Financial Times, via Cliff Atkinson’s beyond bullets blog, that day already arrived for one […]

Making the EU relevant

Now here’s a communication challenge – explain the proposed European constitution to anyone you know. That’s just what the European Commission would like every citizen of the EU to do. The constitution will affect 25 countries comprising 450 million people who speak over 30 different languages and dialects. Given the general lack of interest in […]

IABC members call to action!

A call to action to all bloggers who are members of IABC, the International Association of Business Communicators. With so much debate and discussion going on about blogging and organizations in a wide range of business blogs, I’ve been surprised to note that hardly anyone who is an IABC member is joining in any of […]

AMD 1, Intel 0

While the CEO of Intel may be firing off angry memos to employees about recent missteps, it’s a different story at rival chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, according to a report in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Hector Ruiz, AMD’s CEO, sent an all-employee e-mail that effusively praises the company’s employees for their recent performance. While […]

Business Week: Blogs are good for business

Business Week has published a detailed commentary in this week’s edition on the benefits of business blogs for organizations and how company executives are finding blogs useful for promoting their businesses as well as their points of view. The article has clearly captured other business bloggers’ attention as I’ve already seen it highighted on at […]

US bloggers see the future

Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, has posted the thoughts and opinions of some high-profile US business bloggers re how they see the future of blogging. Not another self-promotional piece by bloggers about blogging, you may be thinking. Actually, no, far from it. There are some very interesting views expressed in Paul’s […]

Olympic organization feats

Watching the spectacular 2004 Olympic Games opening ceremony on TV last night got me thinking about the organization behind it all. The sheer feat of putting together the 2½ hour event deserves admiration and congratulations to everyone involved for its success. 72,000 people in the new olympic stadium, representatives of the teams from 202 countries […]