Get wicked at gapingvoid

If you haven’t yet discovered Hugh Mcleod’s gapingvoid blog, you’re missing the most wicked humour there is on the internet. Yes, even better than Dilbert. Hugh creates the most excellent cartoons, many of which you wouldn’t want to let your mother see, but all of which illustrate intelligent insight into what makes things tick these […]

HP guides to blogging

Two moves by Hewlett-Packard into the blogging area. Well, as least guidance about blogging: HP US just published a guide to blogging for small- and medium-size businesses – Hewlett-Packard US | Small & Medium Business: technology tips | 101 Series: Blogging This is a very concise but quite a good guide to business blogging. And […]

More fuel for RSS and marketing debate

More articles and comments continue to appear about RSS and whether or when it could replace email as a primary marketing communication channel. I’ve also posted about this subject recently as I believe it’s a topic that is of distinct interest to all communicators, not only those concerned with email and marketing. Robin Good published […]

PR policy for Microsoft blogger

Robert Scoble is undoubtedly the most high-profile and best-known Microsoft employee blogger – if not the best-known business-technology blogger, period – certainly in business and technology blogging circles and in the media. Robert’s blog Scobleizer and his link blog Scoble present reliable and trusted sources of rich information about what’s going on at Microsoft as well as […]

Sun’s true computing utility

This is the first time I’ve read an article on a (for me) relatively complex technology concept that enabled me to achieve all four of my ‘knowledge from communication’ goals: Understand it. Enjoy reading it. Warmly congratulate the writer for his ability to explain the concept in a way someone like me can understand it. […]

Spanish speakers blogging in English

Spanish blogger José Luis Orihuela has posted a long list of bloggers from all over the Spanish-speaking world who blog in English. His initial list is being added to with other names who leave comments to his post. What a great way to open up contact with others without the barriers of language! eCuarderno | […]

Time is no luxury for communicators

For everyone involved in organizational communication – be that PR, marketing communication, investor relations, employee communication or public affairs – one of the luxuries I see so many continuing to delude themselves with is that they have plenty of time to strategize, formulate, execute and measure as they progress their work in the traditional way […]

Microsoft’s real-time collaboration plans

The Register published an interview yesterday with Anoop Gupta, Corporate Vice President of the Real-Time Collaboration Business Unit at Microsoft. Geek-focused stuff. But some interesting things that PR, marketing and other communication professionals should pay attention to. Excerpts: Real-time collaboration is basically anything that involves instant-messenger style presence. And the fact that Bill Gates’ former […]

Who says CEOs aren’t blogging?

Reading again through New Frontiers in Employee Communications: Current Practices and Future Trends, a survey report published in August by the Edelman PR agency (see my post today with a summary), I was thinking again about the report finding that nearly 20% of the survey respondents said, “My CEO would never blog.” It would be […]

Edelman CEO starts blogging

Just after posting my commentary on Who says CEOs aren’t blogging?, I see that Richard Edelman, the CEO of Edelman PR, started a blog on 29 September. Here’s his mission statement for the blog: My intention is share trends in communications, the issues, lessons and insights that I gather from managing this firm. […] I […]

US PR association ignores blogging

If professional associations that represent communicators still don’t get it, it’s hardly surprising that there continue to be so many heads in the sand regarding blogging and other ‘new’ technologies that are of direct relevance to organizational communication. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – the world’s largest professional organization for PR practitioners, according […]

New knowledge portal for communicators launched launched this week as the first global knowledge-sharing portal aimed at improving organizational and human communication. The site is being built and supported by global communication leaders, associations, schools and businesses linked to the common goals of elevating the profession and sharing best practices that can make all forms of communication more effective. The […]