Blogging for dollars

The latest business-focused story about blogging appears in the October issue of CFO Magazine. Although the magazine article covers a lot of the same ground that has already appeared in publications like Business Week and through newswires like Reuters, its readership comprises an excellent business audience for getting the message to about the benefits of […]

Creative Commons elevator pitch

Using a Creative Commons license to provide some protection of your rights to the intellectual capital that makes up the content of your blog is a sensible thing to do. I’ve done that on my blog (license at the bottom of the right-hand column). The trouble is, understanding the different Creative Commons licenses and what […]

Illustrating the Law of the Many

Alan Nelson, co-founder of The Command Post political blog, posted an exceptionally good commentary last week with the full text of a speech he made to managing editors of major North American newspapers that subscribe to the Associated Press newswire service. What’s exceptional about Nelson’s post is that, while it focuses on one specific audience […]

The Kitchen starts cooking

Now open for business – The Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog. The brainwave of Shelley Powers, here’s what it is: The Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog is a two-week clinic on weblogging and related topics for bloggers and those who read blogs and even those who don’t but still manage to use the […]

Don’t forget the reality checks

Like most communicators who blog, I’m a strong advocate for encouraging, persuading, prodding and cajoling my fellow communicators into introducing blogs in their organizations as part of their communication planning. This isn’t a blind, because-it’s-there thing – although, depending on the organization, elements of that approach can be a very good idea in applying a […]

Microsoft executive emails: Great blog candidates

For some time, I’ve subscribed to Microsoft executive emails, the ones that periodically come out under either Bill Gates’ or, more usually, Steve Ballmer’s name. These emails address topical technology-in-business issues, and discuss how they relate to Microsoft’s products and services, obviously with a clear and strong Microsoft view. While some people cynically view these […]

Sun interviews Tony Perkins on blogging

Reverse-interview: Tony Perkins (founder and editor Red Herring, and founder and chief editor Always On Network) interviewed about business blogging by Sun Microsystems: Blogs are one of today’s hottest and most widely available technologies. They affect elections, create instant celebrities, generate scandals, and open amazing potential for open communication. As a business executive, you should […]

Delta employee not fired for blogging

The story about Ellen Simonetti, the Delta Airlines employee in trouble regarding a photo she published on her blog, is making the rounds of the blogosphere. Nearly every post I’ve seen in the past two days has got it completely wrong. See the first line of this post, above. Ellen’s got into trouble with her […]

Yet more reasons for policies on blogging

ComputerWorld has a very good article on the legal issues and potential liabilities facing companies whose employees blog, whether those employees do so officially or not. The article discusses topics that include libel, disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information, careless statements that can be used during litigation, the risks of loose-cannon bloggers, and advocates […]

Corporate blogging: Setting the ground rules

Yesterday, I posted a contribution to the Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog collaborative blog on the subject of establishing clear policies regarding corporate blogging. It’s a mini-essay that discusses why companies and organizations need to pay attention now to how they enable blogging as a communication channel, and avoid messy and potentially damaging outcomes […]