Bill C’s Blog?

Check out this blog that looks like it’s authored by Bill Clinton. Hosted on Blog*Spot (where my blog’s hosted), but can’t find out who’s behind this excellent parody. I’d love to know! Or is it really Bill?? (Sorry about my less-than-gushing comments, Bill, on your biography in a post yesterday…) Bill Clinton Daily Diary

Blair shooting for 3rd term

British Prime Minister Tony Blair looks confident of getting re-elected for a third term when the next UK general election takes place, very likely within the next 12 months. He is looking very confident these days, confounding his critics – within the Labour Party and elsewhere – who have been clamouring for his resignation in […]

Meet the political bloggers

From today’s Wall Street Journal. This report is about how blogging is a potent communication force in US politics. Another sign that blogging is rapidly catching on in a big way as a more structured and organized means of communication. Excerpt: The Democratic Party is widening its media tent for the Boston convention. For the […]

BBC wants top political blogs

BBC News Online is looking for political blogs, preferably with a UK focus. “We are looking for lively, thought-provoking sites that stimulate genuine debate, rather than just pushing a particular narrow viewpoint or agenda, but all suggestions are welcome,” they said. The BBC plans to feature as many as possible over the next few weeks. […]

Making the EU relevant

Now here’s a communication challenge – explain the proposed European constitution to anyone you know. That’s just what the European Commission would like every citizen of the EU to do. The constitution will affect 25 countries comprising 450 million people who speak over 30 different languages and dialects. Given the general lack of interest in […]

Bush is no Churchill!

In a ceremony draped in patriotic imagery and dominated by moderate and even liberal figures, the Republican Party opened its convention yesterday by promoting President George W Bush as a leader worthy of comparison with Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan. – report in the Daily Telegraph. Who are the Republicans and Rudy Giuliani (who is […]

Help for tragedy in Beslan

It’s almost impossible to find words to comment on the awful tragedy in Beslan in the Russian region of North Ossetia, with so many people – at least 50% of which are children – slaughtered in the storming of the school by Russian forces on Friday. While no doubt many charities and other organziations will […]

A memory of 9/11

As the third anniversary of 9/11 approaches, there’s a rash of commentary appearing on various blogs, naturally in the US in particular. This one by Jeff Jarvis is heart-wrenching. If you were in the vicinity of the Twin Towers or watched some of the live TV coverage, you’ll know exactly what Jeff’s talking about. BuzzMachine […]

The EU wins on trust

Latest state of public opinion about the European Union, reported by Straight Banana: 80% of EU citizens support the proposed European constitution (see my post last month for more info about the constitution). On trust and distrust: Regarding the EU, 41% of citizens trust it, 41% distrust it. Regarding national parliaments, 32% trust their national […]

Do terrorists blog?

From a BBC News report yesterday: The capture of alleged al-Qaeda computer expert Mohamed Naem Noor Khan by the Pakistani authorities in July brought with it an unprecedented haul of high-tech intelligence. Speaking in London last month, America’s homeland security chief Tom Ridge said the volume of potential information was “the largest we’ve ever seen […]

UK political parties struggle with trust

With so much media coverage about the forthcoming US presidential elections, literally everywhere in the world, just about any other political news tends to get a bit overlooked. For instance, other than in UK media, I’ve seen little wide coverage about what’s going on in the UK as things move along in preparation for a […]