Making the EU relevant

Now here’s a communication challenge – explain the proposed European constitution to anyone you know. That’s just what the European Commission would like every citizen of the EU to do. The constitution will affect 25 countries comprising 450 million people who speak over 30 different languages and dialects. Given the general lack of interest in […]

The EU wins on trust

Latest state of public opinion about the European Union, reported by Straight Banana: 80% of EU citizens support the proposed European constitution (see my post last month for more info about the constitution). On trust and distrust: Regarding the EU, 41% of citizens trust it, 41% distrust it. Regarding national parliaments, 32% trust their national […]

UK political parties struggle with trust

With so much media coverage about the forthcoming US presidential elections, literally everywhere in the world, just about any other political news tends to get a bit overlooked. For instance, other than in UK media, I’ve seen little wide coverage about what’s going on in the UK as things move along in preparation for a […]

Lots going on in Sweden

One European PR blog I pay attention to is Media Culpa, written by Swedish PR practitioner Hans Kullin. Hans is the PR blogging beacon on what’s going on in Sweden (and, at times, in Norway and other Nordic countries), and judging from his posts in recent weeks, there’s lots going on there. For example: Swedish […]

EU signs new Constitution

European Union leaders today signed the new EU constitution in a lavish ceremony held in Rome. Heads of state and government took it in turn to sign the text in the same room where the Treaty of Rome was signed to establish the EU in 1957. Also present at the ceremony were the leaders of […]

Europeans give mixed marks for corporate reputation

The best-known firms in Germany, the United Kingdom and France are largely homegrown, reflecting Europe’s still-fragmented local markets, according to a survey published last week in the Wall Street Journal. The comprehensive survey of corporate reputations among companies in the European Union’s three largest countries – carried out by The Reputation Institute and Harris Interactive […]

The free-falling US dollar

How much worse can it get? The Wall Street Journal says today: Skeptical markets drove the dollar to another all-time low Thursday against the euro, with the European currency climbing above $1.32 for the first time. The euro rose to a new high for a third consecutive day, breaking through Wednesday’s record of $1.3178. It […]

Ukraine blogs

[BBC News image] Headline news items on nearly every TV station and online media site is what’s happening in Ukraine. For instance, this latest report from BBC News. And this from the Kyiv Post. There are increasing numbers of blogs being written by people inside Ukraine and elsewhere, with comments and views that reflect the […]

EU anti-spam measures face uphill struggle

Thirteen European Union countries have agreed to boost cooperation to tackle unsolicited commercial email, aka junk email and spam. The thirteen are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, The Netherlands, and Spain. InfoWorld says that under an agreement announced by the European Commission yesterday, the countries’ antispam authorities have […]

Are communicators in Europe ready for blogs?

Yesterday’s announcement that the New Communications Forum 2005 conference in Paris next month has been postponed is a huge disappointment. After the resounding success of the first Forum in the US in January (some highlights here), everyone involved was looking forward to a similar experience in Europe. Posted on the Forum blog, the announcement included […]

Defining the future of blogs and social networks in Europe

A conference taking place in Paris next month is rapidly shaping up into what could be a defining event in Europe about social networks, corporate blogging, nanopublishing and where it’s all heading. An initiative by Loic Le Meur, Executive VP Europe of Six Apart, the one-day event was originally known as "Internet 2.0." It has […]