The Kitchen starts cooking

Now open for business – The Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog. The brainwave of Shelley Powers, here’s what it is: The Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog is a two-week clinic on weblogging and related topics for bloggers and those who read blogs and even those who don’t but still manage to use the […]

IAOC hosts online PR blogging event

Constantin Basturea reports that the recently-formed International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) has started a blog. What’s more, starting on Monday 8 November, IAOC will be facilitating an online blogging event throughout the coming week – the Thrilla’ in Mozilla blog fest – that will feature a different contributor each day: A-list US marketing and […]

BloggerCon III takes place today

BloggerCon III gets underway today in California. The focus of BloggerCon is weblogs in journalism, education, science, business and politics. BloggerCon is an unusual conference. There are no formal speakers, panels or an audience, but discussions and sessions, and each session has a discussion leader. It’s an un-conference and there is no cost to participate. […]

Bloggers blogging BloggerCon

In the coming days, no doubt we’ll be seeing lots of commentary, discussion and analysis on many blogs about BloggerCon III which took place in the US on 6 November (see my post). To help find blogs commenting about the event, try this Technorati link: See these reports by O’Reilly Network correspondent John Adams, […]

Communicators’ views on BloggerCon

Good commentaries about BloggerCon III from Australian PR practitioner Trevor Cook who was there, with some focused thinking on what it all means from the business, PR and general communication perspectives. (What’s BloggerCon?) Blogging, journalism and public relations Bloggercon: the vendor problem Blogging and money The Bloggercon ‘politics’ session Some Bloggercon reflections – the podcasting […]

Weblog Awards contest begins

The 2004 Weblog Awards contest is open for accepting nominations. Lots of categories, so something for just about everyone. For full details about the awards, the categories and the nomination procedures, see the nominations master post on the blog. I’m nominated in the Best European (Non-UK) Blog category. Ok, so I nominated my own blog – […]

Voting begins for 2004 weblog awards

Voting opened today for the 2004 Weblog Awards, announced last month (see my post). With over 500 blogs represented in 34 categories, there is something here for everyone to navigate through and vote for! I’m a finalist in the Best European (Non-UK) Blog category. I would definitely welcome and appreciate your vote, thank you :)) […]

BOBs winners announced

Deutsche Welle, organizer of the Best of The Blogs contest – the BOBs – has announced the winners. Overall Best Weblog (Jury vote) was awarded to The Dog Newspaper from China. “This Weblog is about dogs,” the description on the BOBs site says. “Not just the way dogs suffer, but also the strange and curious […]

First session blogged

I just finished leading the discussion session on "Introduction to Corporate Blogging" which provides an overview introduction using blogs from a company’s perspective, looking at examples of what some companies and other organizations are currently doing. Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends, who participated in the session, has blogged it. Nice commentary, too 😉 Edit: […]

EPIC: The age of participatory communication

I’m blogging in the keynote presentation being given by Andy Lark that starts the second day of the New Communications Forum 2005. Andy advocates how the age of participatory communication that has already dawned will change forever the way we communicate. To illustrate this, he presents EPIC, an 8-minute video showing a concept of what […]

Panel discussion: Blogging and branding

Highlight points from the panel – pictured, left to right: Anita Campbell, Evelyn Rodriguez, Dan Taylor, Andy Lark – moderated by Elizabeth Albrycht. The panel addressed the broad theme of how the connectedness of blogs and other networked media creates both threats and opportunities for corporate brands: Where are conversations occurring and how does this […]