High speed travel

I’m on the Thalys high-speed train back to Amsterdam following an extremely worthwhile three days in Paris. I was at Les Blogs, about which I blogged a bit yesterday and about which I’ll start writing a more complete personal view while I’m on the train which I’ll post tomorrow. No network connection on this train […]

Amsterdam’s giant street party

On 30 April each year, The Netherlands celebrates Queen’s Day, or Koninginnedag to give it its formal Dutch label. Queen’s Day is ostensibly about celebrating the birthday of Queen Beatrix. Indeed, the monarch spends the day visiting towns throughout the country as part of the celebrations. This year, 2005, is a special one as it […]

On the road

Light posting ahead until the weekend as I’ll be in the UK for the next few days. A client meeting, catching up with some friends for dinner and something quite special. Next month, I’m co-leading a session about new media channels such as blogs at the Communication Directors Forum. This stellar event takes place on […]

Blogging the IABC conference

Incoming IABC Chair Warren Bickford has issued a call to action for communicators attending IABC’s annual international conference in Washington, DC, next month to blog the conference sessions: […] Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to become a roving Café reporter and post “reviews” of the sessions you attend or comment […]

How was it for you?

Great event last night – the London geek dinner. At least 180 people there from how I judged it. This must have been the first and biggest such event in the UK, and maybe in Europe. How was it? Well, for my part, I met some really great people, many I’ve know only online. Lots […]

The days are numbered for ‘gatekeeper’ journalism

Journalism is the rightful guardian of disclosure of news and information, and what should be disclosed and what shouldn’t, and has a duty and a right to maintain that position. That’s my interpretation of a very interesting discussion point in John Humphreys’ opening address at the Communication Directors Forum conference on Wednesday evening. The conference […]

Flickr’d events

I’ve just uploaded quite a few photos to Flickr: London Geek dinner 7 June: 25 photos (Flickr tags: londongeekdinner0607 and londongeekdinner) – views of a stroll from Green Park, down Duke Street, into St James Square, along the Mall, around Trafalgar Square and then to the Texas Embassy cantina in Cockspur Street for the London […]

Reboot7 talk

Reboot 7.0 took place in Copenhagen last week, an event I’d have loved to have been at (if I hadn’t been presenting at the Communication Directors Forum, I would definitely have been there). Already plenty of talk about presentations, conversations, etc, which you can track via the Technorati tag. That page includes links to other […]

Carnival of the Capitalists connects you to great content

Wayne Hurlbert at Blog Business World is hosting this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists, the weekly aggregation of links to posts by a wide range of different bloggers that provides a unique focus on them for further developing conversations. For this week’s carnival, Wayne has assembled an enormous quantity of links – 71 posts spread […]

Let the IABC conference blogging begin!

Probably the best professional development and networking event for business communicators, anywhere in the world, begins tomorrow 26 June in Washington, DC. It’s the IABC international conference, the annual get-together for hundreds of communicators from around the world. This year’s 4-day event is special from two perspectives – first, it’s IABC’s 35th anniversary year; and […]

BlogHer today

There’s quite an event taking place today in California – the BlogHer conference. The brainchild of Elisa Camahort and Lisa Stone, BlogHer will answer this question: […] Men, as well as women, have been asking, "Where are the women?" And we have been responding…we’re right here. That the same question is being asked now as […]