Speaking at E-Day Amsterdam

Heading off to the Emerce E-Day conference taking place today in Amsterdam. I’m participating in a panel discussion broadly titled Public Relations in The Blogosphere. My fellow panelists are Scott Rafer, Frank Janssen, Paul Molenaar and Hans Mestrum. We hope to have a stimulating and dynamic multi-lingual discussion (Dutch and English) on issues and strategies […]

The here and now of participatory communication

On Thursday, I travelled to Brussels, Belgium, to participate in the 50th anniversary conference of FEIEA, the federation of European business communicators’ associations. My role was to make a presentation on new media communication channels (blogs, RSS, etc) and participatory communication as a constituent part of FEIEA’s theme for this first day of their 2-day […]

The new PR and the angels of the north

The north-east of England probably wouldn’t be the first place that would spring to mind where you’d expect to find one of the hottest gatherings of communicators eager to learn about the new PR – the place where communication and the new media ecosystem (blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts) intersect and connect. Yet that’s what happened […]

IABC Europe conference kicks off

Arrived in Paris late last night, ready to participate in the IABC Eurocomm conference which formally kicks off today and runs through tomorrow. I’m moderating the opening session discussion panel on the giant global focus group. No prizes for guessing what this is about at a conference full of communicators! So, my fellow conversationalists – […]

Les Blogs 2.0 kicks off today

The Les Blogs 2.0 conference in Paris formally starts today and runs until Tuesday evening. The event is completely sold out. Lots already been going on over the weekend, judging from the rapidly-growing Technorati tag list. What’s the event about? Absorb this, from Loic’s opening remarks: […] We believe there is a revolution going-on. We […]

The road to transparency at Davos

The 2006 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum begins today in Davos, Switzerland. The organizers say there will be 2,340 participants from 89 countries including 15 heads of state or government, 13 union leaders and over 30 heads of non-governmental organizations. This year, 735 participants are at the CEO or Chairman level. What makes […]

Choice podcasts from Davos

I’ve spent a little time today listening to a few of the audio recordings from the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Interesting listening, many of them, even though they are recordings of speeches and sessions which you can read about in mainstream media reporting. The really interesting ones, though, are the informal and […]

The 2006 Forum: A milestone event for communicators

I’ve just finalized setting up my trip to California at the end of this month to participate in the New Communications Forum which takes place in Palo Alto from 1-3 March. My podcasting partner Shel Holtz and I are running a workshop at the Forum, the Podcasting 101 pre-conference ‘boot camp.’ This is a half-day […]