Star Wars trilogy DVD set to beat records

Less than ten days to go until the remastered DVDs of the original Star Wars trilogy hits the stores! It’s out in the UK the day before its release in the US and Canada. As a mega-fan of the epic story (I saw the original in 1977 at the Tottenham Court Road cinema in London) […]

Amazon delivers with Star Wars DVD

As always, delivers (pun intended) and exceeds expectations. This morning, I received delivery of the Star Wars DVD box set. That’s great in itself (so no guesses on what I’m going to be spending time on tonight, no matter what!) My expectation was exceeded primarily because the package arrived much earlier than I expected. […]

Filmmaker Theo van Gogh murdered

News this morning of the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, gunned down last night in Amsterdam. Police reports said van Gogh was stabbed and then shot dead by an unnamed assailant near the Oosterpark in east Amsterdam. The killer then engaged police in a shootout before being wounded and arrested. The great-grandson of […]

The Incredibles is just that

We went to see The Incredibles yesterday which opened in The Netherlands last Thursday. I’d agree with every comment I’ve seen on many blogs already – an astounding film, definitely worth seeing. From Pixar Studios via Disney, who did Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. If you’ve seen any of Pixar’s […]

Talk about total commitment

Komo News: Are you ready for Star Wars: Episode Three? Don’t get excited just yet, the new movie doesn’t open until May. But for one Seattle fan, it’s never too early, or too cold, to start the wait. Jeff Twieden [sic] doesn’t care that it’s freezing outside. He’s camping out in front of the Cinerama […]

Star Wars reunion photo shoot

With Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of The Sith just months away (opening in most countries on 19 May, to be exact), the February edition of British Vanity Fair magazine has a terrific 4-panel panorama foldout cover photo spread of the main stars, current and original trilogy, with photos taken by Annie Leibovitz. Ewan […]

Star Wars is simply a great story

Ten days after it opened, I finally managed to see Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith yesterday. And what a phenomenal film it is! If you haven’t seen it yet, do go. And if you do plan to and don’t want any spoilers, then don’t read the rest of this post. There […]

Open source film making

If you can post the content of a book to a blog as you develop the book, why not a film? That’s precisely what Scottish film director David MacKenzie is doing with the script for Hallam Foe, a film based on the novel by Peter Jinks. Hugh MacLeod writes: […] So here’s what we decided. […]