IABC members call to action!

A call to action to all bloggers who are members of IABC, the International Association of Business Communicators. With so much debate and discussion going on about blogging and organizations in a wide range of business blogs, I’ve been surprised to note that hardly anyone who is an IABC member is joining in any of […]

PRSA and IABC: Exercise leadership

Earlier this week, I posted commentary about the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) ignoring blogging. My post referenced commentary from the Business Blog Consulting blog which said that, in the forthcoming PRSA conference that takes place later this month, blogging doesn’t get a mention anywhere. What’s been happening since I posted my commentary is […]

Disappointing IABC blog

Two fellow IABC members and bloggers, Shel Holtz and Allan Jenkins, have commented about the lengthy gap between posts by IABC Chair David Kistle on the IABC Chair blog launched last month. It is so – David’s last post was on 24 October, nearly three weeks ago. Since the blog launched on 7 October, there […]

True value in IABC accreditation

I had an email last week from my professional association, IABC (International Association of Business Communicators), with an update on what’s happening with the association’s accreditation programme. A great deal, actually, which has given me cause to reflect on what a superb professional development opportunity accreditation is. The formal description of the programme says accreditation […]

IABC blog disappointment continues

Today’s the 30th anniversary of the IABC Chair blog. Clarification – the 30th consecutive day since anything was posted to the blog. Fellow IABC members and bloggers Shel Holtz and Allan Jenkins have some comments about this today, and some good suggestions on what IABC can do to get back on track with the blog. […]

IABC webinar on blogging and RSS

Not sure when this was first advertised, but I just noticed on the IABC website that IABC is holding a teleseminar (webinar?) on Thursday 20 January about blogging, presented by Steve Rubel: Weblogs, citizen journalism and a new technology called really simple syndication (RSS) have permanently changed how companies need to communicate online. Millions of […]

Ethics and professional responsibility

US press critic and writer Jay Rosen takes a hefty swipe at PR bloggers, with a blanket accusation that they have ignored a pay-for-promotion case in the US that has significant ethical implications for the public relations profession: Bloggers are supposed to be a little more curious than most. They are supposed to apply a […]

IABC Chair blog can succeed

Fellow IABC member and blogger Allan Jenkins posted a scathing commentary about IABC and Chairman David Kistle yesterday (and has attracted a bit of flack in the comments to his post as a result). What especially caught my attention in Allan’s post was his comments regarding the IABC Chair blog. Allan writes: […] While an […]

The deafening silence continues

Eric Eggertson, an IABC member in Canada, writes: […] In 10 short days I’ve gone from being a fairly satisfied IABC member with a benign attitude toward the organization’s leadership to an annoyed skeptic, wondering why such a simple organizational communications matter can’t be dealt with quickly and effectively. If the silence continues much longer, […]

The tipping point for IABC

After weeks of leadership silence as IABC members and others conduct an open and, at times, volatile discussion on Allan Jenkins’ blog (nearly 50 comments at my last count), incoming IABC Chair Warren Bickford has now contributed some comments to a parallel discussion that’s starting to develop in Memberspeak, IABC’s discussion forum for members only. […]

IABC prepares relaunch of Chair blog

A post late yesterday on the IABC Chair Blog by outgoing IABC Chairman David Kistle is prefaced by this prominent statement: Look for the all-new IABC Blog at this URL, starting Wednesday, 6 April. I imagine this is a typo (like the post headline: “Bloogin’s cool…”) and the text should say “Look for the all-new […]

IABC blog relaunched

Yesterday, the IABC Café opened for business, with incoming IABC chairman Warren Bickford behind the bar and in the kitchen. The new name for the relaunched blog – and the strapline "A gathering place for professional communicators" – offers a clear and encouraging glimpse into how this blog might develop. In his first post, Warren […]