Add your voice to new Edelman survey

Edelman PR is conducting research for their second annual "New Frontiers in Communications" survey. Like the first one published last August, the 2005 survey attempts to learn more about the variety of information channels that companies use to communicate with their employees and, to a certain extent, with external audiences, as well as to discover […]

Podcasting: Adding the human and informal touch

Some say it’s a revolution that will change radio broadcasting and people’s listening habits for ever. Others say it’s a fad that’s of limited appeal and use beyond geeks and enthusiasts. Whatever anyone says, you’d have to admit that something that, in just eight months, has rocketed out of nowhere and today got big companies […]

Blogs: No substitute for personal communication and trust in the workplace

PR Week published a pretty good piece about policies and guidelines for employee blogging last week. The article includes much of the type of counsel and advice on why companies should have polices or guidelines that you’d expect to see now, given previous media reporting on this topic as well as the widely-reported examples of […]

Interview: Angela Sinickas and Tudor Williams – June 22, 2005

In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel enjoyed a 49-minute conversation with Angela Sinickas, ABC and Tudor Williams, ABC, two of the leading internal communications measurement authorities in the business. About our conversation partners: A pioneer in the field of organizational communication measurement, Angela Sinickas has been measuring the effectiveness of communications […]

Ballmer interview turns communication upside down

Watching Robert Scoble’s video interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the confirmation for me that formal, pre-planned and carefully-controlled organizational communication has now reached an evolutionary end point. Traditionally, planning and managing communication in organizations is a function managed by people skilled in particular areas of communication (corporate, marketing, PR, investor, internal, etc). So […]

Webinar: Blogs and internal communication

If you have responsibility for internal communication and want to find out how you can use blogs effectively within your organization, you might want to consider participating in a 90-minute webinar on Wednesday 31 August in which I will be one of the speakers. Blogs and their implications on internal communication – are you ready […]

New online resource for internal communicators

Melcrum Publishing, the global communication publisher, today launched The Hub, a new online knowledge resource for internal communicators with hundreds of resources to help communicators do their jobs more effectively. The first of its kind in the UK according to Melcrum, The Hub provides members with resources that include networking, news and analysis, learning guides […]

FIR Interview – Jonathan Mast and Aidan Hagood – October 24, 2005

In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel enjoyed a 24-minute conversation with Jonathan Mast and Aidan Hagood. Jonathan is a senior communications specialist with Sedgwick Claims Management Services; Aidan is the communications department admin. Together, they host “QuickCast,” arguably the first completely internal podcast. Download the conversation here (MP3, 9MB), or sign […]